Scheduled Server Downtime October 7, 2014

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  1. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    All US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 7:00 AM PDT.
    Estimated downtime is 1 hour

    All EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, October, 2014 at 7:00 AM PDT. (3:00 PM London Time)
    Estimated downtime is 2 hours

    Update Notes will be posted in the Game Update Notes (live) forum when available.

    Keep an eye on the EverQuest II forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

    Current Server Status:

    **EDIT** EU Server Downtime has been rescheduled for 9:00pm PDT tonight. (This is 5:00am London Time on 10/8/14).
  2. Armageddoux Active Member

    one hour longer for Europe because of the long, long way from home ?:)
  3. Triplehelix New Member

    I've never been so happy/excited for a non-expansion associated downtime! Take the servers down now!!! haha
  4. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    My question of course is we have the time for the live update, but since All Access ability to do beta for AoM starts today when will the beta be open for business?
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  5. Feldon Well-Known Member

    From Holly "Windstalker" Longdale's twitter:

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  6. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much Feldon
  7. idebuff New Member

    Did we forget about the EU servers again? Its 7 past and servers are still up.... Can we please get the update on time today? I know its a bit late for that already but seriously you keep forgetting EU servers.
  8. Sisca Well-Known Member

    It was 8 minutes past 7 when you posted that, give them a chance :rolleyes:.
  9. phlik Member

    13 mins past and still live:(
  10. Gratouillis Member

    hi here ! Valor, Splitpaw and Storms are still up, plz don't forget us !
  11. Grimjak Member

    I always love clicking this link "Current Server Status:" Doesn't matter what the current state of servers is, EQ2 servers are always up as long as you don't look TOO closely at the time since last response.
    Why is it that this is never a useful place to check?
  12. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    You're all directing your hostilities at the wrong person....CM's don't flip the switch, Devs do.
  13. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Some folk have either had way too little coffee today... or way too much.
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  14. Noobtroub Member

    surely we have either been forgoten or the date is just wrong either way the EU servers would like to be informed plz, surely someone can find 2mins to post a update for why EU servers havent gone down or that the time / date is wrong ty.
  15. barcevik New Member

    care to make an explanation at least? Been half an hour and still nothing.
  16. Evisca D'White Member

    You want someone to lose their job because you're inconvenienced in a video game? What's the weather like at the center of the Universe?
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  17. Noobtroub Member

    i heard its rather still ;)
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  18. Kinya Active Member

    This update is very important and I really hope EU servers will be updated today as well.
    At this point I am upset that it is written about ALL servers in announcement and looks like EU were forgotten AGAIN...

    I am really sad now :(
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  19. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    Don't be sad.

    I'm on a US server, and it's not up. I mean for all we know this update has caused a major fubar and they are all scrambling to fix it BEFORE adding said fubar to EU servers.
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  20. Evisca D'White Member

    Yepper, the US servers may have exploded, turned into lime Jell-O (the worst flavor), or been teleported to a parallel dimension. I'll bet you'd wait patiently if you found out that, being first, we were the victims of massive damage and they were busy sparing you!

    Great post, Ava!
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