Scheduled Server Downtime November 12, 2014

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Afista_DG, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    God I hope they don't roll back - before the down I ran the new shipwrecked craft line - really can't bear to do that again!
  2. Lady Marlyn Member

    Although a Double XP weekend would be nice, or for those who ordered the expansion to get the new race for free --- I have to admit I would settle for another day to be added to the Heroes Festival. I missed being able to play yesterday and I work graveyard tonight. I went toon crazy when I started playing (which I know is nobody's fault but mine). I have 5 out of 8 toons that need to do the new holiday achievements and 4 out of 8 just to get through regular holiday stuff. Need a lot of Heroes Tokens and a lot of Mischeva Tributes. But if push comes to shove I will have FUN and get next year what I could not get this year. :)
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  3. Gabaron Member

    Russian servers not working:mad: I guess i have to call my uncle, mr.Putin...
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  4. Nantoh Member

    My characters that logged out in Qeynos(possibly capital or Nettliville) cannot proceed from character select screen.
    I play in Sebilis server.
    What happened?
    This happens only in Sebilis?
  5. Nantoh Member

    Not only Qeynos but sundered frontier too.
    It may not a zone specific problem.
  6. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    We are currently working on problems that some servers are encountering and will have them back up asap!
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  7. Klazdaxthun New Member

    No one sees an issue with new content being out and already people being max level/aa???? Yeah great you can practice end game content but does anyone actually learn wtf to do with their class/abilities etc.? I'm not saying don't have good xp but it's a little ridiculous to be maxed within an hour of it being out. The journey shouldn't be instantaneous. gratz on sony making another 2 zoner expansion with 4 dungeons that look the same (but hey we can choose solo/heroic or raid?) Maybe actually find some developers/programmers who aren't surfing **** and should put some effort into making a game that is a game. not a rinse and repeat of the last 5 or 6 "expansions". Seriously since kunark it's been 2 outdoor or less zones and some dungeons you click on and choose the level you play. moors 1 outdoor zone (ooh it had "levels") and like 4 dungeons? the odus campaign 2 outdoor zones and rinse and repeat on choose your level on the dungeons. (the hole). dov 2 outdoor zones and pick your level dungeons. aod wtf was this. 2 zones, withered lands lacked any style whatsoever then hey lets go to skyshrine. skyshrine compared to the one from eq1 just a huge letdown on the part of soe. oh wait we added a tower in eastern wastes where you can go to the plane of war. whoa............ oh and we'll take all the new features and sell them separately.........coe 2 outdoor zones and pick your level dungeons.......... tov 1 outdoor zone and pick your level dungeons. oh and now altar 2 outdoor zones and pick your level dungeons. oh and in each one had it's own currency to buy armour or upgrade armour. lack of imagination.. this is sad but it's still better than wow. maybe one day the adhd will run it's course and we can get a game that has depth.
  8. Lateana Older than Dirt, Playing EQII since 2004

    I watched as a ton of guildies on the US and EU made it to 100 this morning. My poor toons are barely at 96 doing the signature quest line for six hours last night. The pace of advancement for questing is painful to say the least. So I can definitely understand why folks are doing DMs to level and then going for Heroic zones to get geared up. I wish I had followed thier lead :(
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  9. Lady Marlyn Member

    Actually one of the cat mugs I have was a gift from my Sister. One side says CAT MOM, the other side says I LOVE THE PITTER - PATTER OF LITTLE PAWS, and on the handle it says IT'S ALL ABOUT MEOW. I also has several sets of paw prints all over it. (the above mentioned phases are not me yelling - that is exactly as it is on the mug. The other cat mug I use at work says CATS RULE and has 7 pictures of cats on it. The home mug holds 2 cups of coffee at a time -- the one at work holds 4. Oh --- I forgot to mention that I have a circular Cat clock that has 12 cats instead of numbers and meows 3 times on the hour, and another cute square cat clock at work.:)
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  10. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    All servers should be up and running! Please let us know if you encounter a problem :)
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  11. Lady Marlyn Member

    I made my Dirge a Kerran. I have 8 toons each currently have 3 residences and in each is a cat. The cat's names are cats I have or have had. 7 of my toons have the Frost Paw kitten (Fluffy Pet). Another Fluffy pet that my toons have are the little tigers (Blue striped, Green striped, or Purple Striped -- depending on which one I thought would go best with each toon). At the beginning of the year I had 3 RL cats : Raven (solid black, green eyes (passed away on 4/28/14 -- would have been 6 years old on 5/03/14 -- still miss him :() Rusty (Tan / Orange, yellow eyes Ravens brother same birthdate so he is 6 yes. old) and Missy (White with black spots, green eyes 5 years old female). Thought you'd like to know:)
  12. SayWhat Member

    Thank you SOE hard working folks. We appreciate you!
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  13. SayWhat Member

    I would also like to thank all of you that put such cute and/or funny videos in here. I got some great laughs!

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