Scheduled Server Downtime November 12, 2014

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Afista_DG, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Paceyourself New Member

    Wellllll... Once I remember buying a pack of Bicycle playing cards and starting a lively game of solitaire only to find out later that the Jack of Hearts was missing. Up until that point the release appeared smooth. Therefore I accept your conclusion!
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  2. Alenna Well-Known Member

    and to help entertain and get this thread to 50 pages Jethal's first EQ2 parody
  3. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    up and running
  4. Frash New Member

    Just got logged into Crushbone!
  5. Sedient Member

    and.....out of game
  6. willow Member

    Hey while were all waiting,, how about sending me a few likes so i can get my points up please...
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  7. Zedde New Member

    When the servers get back up, should I stay logged in until then or is it better to relog?
  8. Whache New Member

    AB still down.... ah well, at least its moving forward, i can log into char select
  9. Merriel Well-Known Member

    No, not at all. I know when they first implemented the badge, SOE announced that we had new badges and should go claim them. When I logged in and saw the big AllAccess badge, and several posts that said you can't even turn it off if you don't want it displayed, I made up my mind right then and there not to claim it. While others may not feel the same as I do, and they are again entitled to their own opinions, personally it made me feel as if by wearing the badge, I am flaunting the fact that I pay to play in the faces of all who read these forums, many of whom pay to play without going AllAccess. It is a personal feeling shared by some, not by all.

    I don't know if they have since added the option to turn it off or not, but I have no intentions of claiming it to find out either. In no way do I think that anyone or everyone whose account shows they are AllAccess are flaunting it, as I know a number of them would turn it off given the opportunity to do so (assuming SOE has since given them the option and that they are aware of it). I felt the badge was given out in poor taste, since we are not their only paying customers, and see no reason to claim it for myself. It would have been better to make a badge that anyone who contributes can claim, regardless if they spent $5 or $500. Not to mention the fact that by 'flagging' your account as an AllAccess account may make you a primary target by hackers (not that I ever hear any news about hackers or scammers in this game, which is in and of itself good news).
  10. Sylvain Member

    And so it begins... The ending of this thread. haha It has been entertaining to say the least.
  11. Airros Active Member

    I am in...
  12. Destovie Member

    Im in on crushbone
    no joke
  13. Tesura Grimm Member

    For those worried about losing their characters and levels, DON'T worry. This has happened before, list only showed 4 out of my 13 or w/e characters. I don't recall much about levels being rolled back, but I do vaguely remember people mentioning it and then when they logged in their characters were fine.

    All this goes without saying, there could be some level problems, but I doubt it. Can only wait and see. Send a petition in when you log in if your level is not where it was.
  14. Raashak New Member

    showing servers as live, logged in, all toons showing available, logging in as toon annnnnd.... its still trying... and it failed booted back to char select... but atleast now i can look at how pritty they are
  15. Cooriador Member

    kinda ... At least it says up
  16. Protheus New Member

    I have no problem with server work and needed updates, patches, maint. The only issue i had was the same one i had years ago.. just update people on whats going on. People are more ready to accept things if they have knowledge of whats going on. Not all of us do the Twitter or whatever. I mean just a status update ever so often would be great...that is the only point i was trying to make. Just.. you know.. tell us.
  17. Shiba Active Member

    I'm in on a Permafrost toon, and I can't solo the EJ puppet, so people better log on quick!
  18. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    lol, just told those on mumble with me to re-open the game and see if it helps. Hopped here to post and you folk had it scoped out. We're in. :D
  19. Ssaryx New Member

    Yes! I can play now! I would have waited longer, had it not been for all of you! Thanks! :)
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  20. Critana Member

    Obvious sarcasm went totally over your head, jeez and you called me a d**k, which would be a failure of statement since im a female and thus technically impossible for me to be nor have a D**k. But thanks for proving once again that sarcasm no matter how sewn or obvious is literally mistaken 99% of the time. My apologizes, speed racer!
  21. Caldroan New Member

    I just hope they bring the servers up soon. Just don't understand why the boards show it's up, but when you log in it says they are locked.

    Can remember when it was down for over a week on an hour patch. (sheesh)

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