Scheduled Server Downtime August 5, 2014

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Luperza, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Luperza Community Manager

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  2. Faelen Member

    What's the esitmated downtime?
  3. Luperza Community Manager

    If you go to the SOE Maintenance link it provides you with the estimated downtime. :)

    "We expect this maintenance to take at least four hours"

    Updates normally take 1 US (2 EU) hours, but we decided to push this in with already scheduled downtime, so we don't have added downtime. :)
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  4. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    I know they use the metric system Luperza, but I was unaware there were US hours and EU hours. :D;)
  5. Luperza Community Manager

    1 or 2 hours.. EU and US initials were just to help provide server locations. :p
  6. Lady Marlyn Member

    I am VERY happy that the downtime and maintenance are going to happen back to back. I would rather lose 4 straight hours of gaming than to have the stuff that needed done to be broken up with a gap of a little bit of gaming. Loyal Fan Forever:)
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Unless, of course, it falls in the middle of a major holiday event... X-P

    I just hope this will fix the issues people have been having with the Station Cash button telling them they need to become a Member... :-/

    who really can't see any other reason to do so, now
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ah! Just found out what the vastly important thing they NEED to do this week (instead of next week, after Tinkerfest is over):

    In other words, if you're level 90-95, congrats! Woot! Anyone else, too bad, get busy. "Time is fleeting" until they release the expansion in probably November in time for the Christmas Crunch.

    Could be a problem, yeah, okay. /nod_nod

    Good thing! I've got Bears myself; I can sympathize. :-/

    Eek! Yeah, I'd want this fixed, too. :-/

    Good that it won't do that by accident or brain glitch any more. ;->

    Still, I can't see how everything else other than the "why can't we push this back 'til next week?" major event couldn't be handled in the usual 1 or 2 hours, but I guess that's why I'm not a dev... :-/

    who notices there's nothing in there about addressing missing SC/Membership concerns...
  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

    The EQ2 team wants people to have a character at level 95. Too bad they haven't done anything to help people get to 95. Oh wait...
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  10. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Some of us like to actually relax and enjoy playing the game while we level up. Not all of us want to rush to level 95, skipping the 'enjoyment' part of the game. :D
  11. Feldon Well-Known Member


    The level cap has been 80 since November 13, 2007, level 90 since February 16, 2010, 92 since April 17, 2012, and 95 since November 13, 2012. While I agree that there is a ton of level 1-70 content worth savoring, there is not 7 years of stuff to do from level 80-95. Not if you did one quest a week would it take you 7 years to do that content.
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  12. Ahupu Well-Known Member


    The maintenance is server side physical stuff (I would assume) as it affects logging into all SoE games and the playing of certain games (our EQ2 being one of the latter), They just rolled the maintenance in with the weekly update so that we would have one 4 hour block instead of 1-2 hours (US or EU) today, and 4 hours later this week, resulting in 6 hours lost during the holiday instead of 4 (assuming no Thursday hotfix because allowing the bear warder to be cast on the run suddenly increases Templar DPS by a factor of 9000*).

    *Merely going for what I consider to be the most unlikely to be connected event occurring because of this change or any change mentioned in the update notes. Though if this did occur it might mean that Templar DPS approached everyone else's :D. Show me a level appropriate group where a Templar tops the DPS parse and I will show you a group composed entirely of Templars.
  13. Ucala Well-Known Member

    tbh this game has been top heavy for awhile.
    sorry not sorry. you want something to be added for non 90+ people? that was a few years ago when they added that :p
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  14. duckster Active Member

    They should add updates for all servers more often. Having separate days for the US/EU updates should be a thing of the past.
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  15. Merriel Well-Known Member

    That's assuming someone played all that time, lol. People do have real lives to contend with and some people even take long breaks from a game. I'm not complaining, I know there are people who like to rush through to end game content and that's fine, if that's what makes them happy.

    I actually prefer taking my time. While I do have 7 heroic characters, those characters were made specifically to be tradeskiller's, so getting them to level 85 instantly, allows me to take my time doing there tradeskill quests without having to be interrupted to get their adventuring levels up.

    I do have my level 93 brigand and level 84 fury (the only one of my characters who cannot fly yet), that I leveled up on my own without purchasing heroics, and I leveled them at my own pace, enjoying the content as I did so. One is evil aligned, the other good aligned, so that I could enjoy both sides. My level 93 brigand is also level 95 carpenter, 475 tinkering, and almost 475 adorning, so I spent a lot of time on the sideline's just leveling those up as well. I don't regret one moment of that time, and I'd do it all over again rather than rush to end game content. I just don't see the point of playing a game if you aren't going to enjoy the lore or the exploration of said content, without rushing through it all.

    I guess you could say it's the same when it comes to driving from point A to point B. You either speed right through and miss all the sights along the way, or you take your time, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you pass by, making stops along the way here and there to enjoy feeling the spray from that amazing waterfall, or a picnic in that lovely forest. These are the moments that are memorable and mean the most. If I just rush past it all to get to point B, then I miss out on the beauty of the world that surrounds me, and getting to the finish line really isn't as rewarding, imo. :D
  16. Gaven New Member

    Taking a big long for such a small patch isnt it?
  17. Paceyourself New Member

    Hi Luperza!

    I LOVE that server status link! Thanks for keeping it in there! :)
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  18. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    Liking this and never really understood why the item had to be destroyed to begin with. Thank you SOE!
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  19. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Just to expand my point from earlier, expansions are being created and released for where most players are concentrated -- top level. EQ2 will be 10 years old this November. If you are happy with your highest level character being at level 50, that's great. There is a ton of level 50 content. And the best part is -- you save money on not needing to buy the expansion! :)
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  20. Kander Developer

    We actually have some content updates coming for players level 20 to 90. Soon. Yup updates. Plural.

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