Say "SoW" and be on The EverQuest Show!

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    Hello Norrathians!

    If you're a regular watcher of The EverQuest Show, you've probably seen the "Say What?" segments where players and developers say different words in Norrath.

    In the next week, I'll be releasing a collection of all these segments along with several words that haven't been edited or released.

    That's where YOU come in : I'm looking for more videos of players saying certain words and I'll use you in the "Say What" Special!

    1) Record a quick video (cell phone works, but please, horizontal video, not vertical) of yourself saying the following words
    • SoW
    • Ykesha
    • Lceanium
    • Luclin
    • Qeynos
    2) Send the video to me in ONE of the following ways:
    • Email :
    • -or- Upload it to your youtube channel and send/post a link
    • -or- Send via Discord : Fading#6346
    • -or- Send a link to your dropbox file
    • -or- Tweet your video and tag @EverQuestShow
    • -or- Open to any alternate methods if you would prefer.
    Get creative! Feel free to send a series of multiple takes and you can also add commentary if you prefer "My brother says SO but I say SOW" etc. The bolded words are the most important. You can say all the words in one video. And feel free to ask questions (reply to this post) and I'll answer them.

    Thanks for the help and I'm looking forward to "hearing" from you all!

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  2. Fading Illusion Member

    Great response so far, and I'm loving all the videos!

    Last call for submissions!
    I'll be finalizing the Special in about 24 hours! So get those videos in!

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  3. Fading Illusion Member

    To all the players that submitted videos!

    The EverQuest Show - "Say What?" is NOW LIVE!

    Be sure to comment with YOUR pronunciations!

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  4. Heresford Active Member

    My first reaction to "Sow" was to pronounce it "Soh." Lceania looked like it should be pronounced "Ell -Shawn-ee-uh." Luclin seemed to be obvious. I've always pronounced Ykesha "Ee-kesh-uh."

    I was a bit surprised when Holly said Txevu was pronounced "See-voo," stating that "Tx" was unpronounceable. I looked at that and thought "Tks-eh-voo." This is likely because of my exposure to a variety of foreign languages where constructions like this actually can occur.

    The first thing I thought listening to the several developers with different pronunciations is that even with English there are rules of pronunciation and transliteration from other languages. I think most of our difficulties in pronouncing words and names from languages with different character sets (such as East Asian languages) is that the spellings weren't transliterated for English but rather for another language that just happens to also use the Roman alphabet -- at least that's my theory. I wonder what rules of pronunciation and transliteration were decided on for the game or if any were decided on. If the rules were for English and English transliteration then some of the developers clearly don't know the rules of English pronunciation, hence "Vee-lee-ose" for Velious, adding a "w" sound to Qeynos even though there is no "u" present, etc. It's probably much more likely that the rules are just fast and loose and they were trying to be obtuse for comic effect.
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