Saving/loading Keyboard and chat colors?

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  1. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to save my main character's current UI set up, hotkey bindings, keyboard layouts, and chat colors so that I can instantly load them up on alternates with the /load_uisettings command.

    I've tried deleting the current layout and saving a new one, but when I load it up on another character, I still have to fiddle around with adjusting my keybindings and manually imputing the chat channel colors. Isn't there a way to actually save those? I'm not seeing anything among the slash commands on /help or the wikipedia.
  2. Playz4fun Member

    Found a forum post from 2018 that talks about saving chat settings.

    It worked in 2018, so going to give it a try myself.

    While you can set up you UI settings ( /save_uisettings <name> ) then load them ( /load_uisettings <name> ), I don't know that will save hotkeys and keyboard layouts though.

    Hope this helps on at least some of what you need.
  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Hotbars work the same way as colours - you save out to a file and then load from the file. Haven't used that one in years.

    Keyboard is weird. I was trying to set this up on a new account a few months back and it was driving me nuts. There's the button to change it in the options interface and you save a file like the rest, but I remember the file is referenced on startup via the eq2.ini file I think. All I really remember for sure is that sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't and sometimes it would work for half of my changes and not the other half!
  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Huh... /save_colors isn't listed on the wikipedia. Better change that.

    That's actually most of the work right there. My keyboards just come down to about 5 or 6 keybindings that aren't too time consuming to change.
  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    You can save a keymap (/save_key.... ) and load it (/load_key....).

    So i have a button with a macro that does load my custom keymap and also set my autoloot method to none and toggle the thread window list.

    There is a way to make that permanent, that is to overide the default keymap but it is insane and i don't remember someone posted about it years ago, it is not very complicated but it is just non intuitive.

    The design of Eq2 is so faulty that your keymap can revert to default at any time.

    Possibly you can add a line to eq2.ini like :
    /load_keymap "mykeymap"
    but i m not sure of the exact syntax.
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  6. Daryx Well-Known Member

    I copied this method and edited it for my own readability from the forums years ago (2008), so I can't attribute the original author, but this has worked for me. (I don't do the completed PC reboot at the end, just the game shutdown.) Whoever posted it originally I forgot to capture the name but belated thanks to him/her as once I did this I have never had an issue.

    1. Log on and set your custom keybinds as desired.

    2. Save your keybinds by typing /save_keymaps eq2_keymap_custom.ini

    3. From within the Options menu select Other from the Keyboard Layout drop-down list.

    4. Log off EQ2

    5. Inside the Layout directory make a copy of the EQ2-OtherMode.cfg file and rename it to EQ2-CustomMode.cfg

    6. Edit this new CFG file so that it reads as:


    7. Edit the eq2_recent.ini file so that the following line is changed from: cl_configuration_file EQ2-OtherMode.cfg to cl_configuration_file EQ2-CustomMode.cfg

    8. Log on and from within the Options menu select Custom from the Keyboard Layout drop-down list.

    9. Confirm that the keybinds are working as desired.

    10. Log off and reboot your computer.

    11. Log back on and confirm that the keybinds are still working as desired.
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  7. Kalika Well-Known Member

    That is the method i was refering to, it is very obnoxious and sadly it tell a lot about the lack of good practises in the original Eq2 software design. I don t want to be rude, when a software evolves for 15 years the only way to make it sound is to rewrite it from scratch.
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