Sarnak Height issue in dungeons

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  1. wingz New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm returning back and made a Sarnak SK on the Varsoon server. I was loving it until last night when I went into Stormhold. I couldn't keep up with the group because I was constantly having to duck through all of the doors and archways.

    What can I do to combat this other than reroll? Is there an item available on progression servers that will shrink me down?

    I'm super bummed out about it right now and made an alt until I can figure out how to address this issue
  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Sarnaks are 10 feet and 12 feet tall (if you're female), and most of the old world geometry was designed to just barely allow the 10 foot Ogres through without hinderance.

    Mystic Moppet Billy is an item that shrinks you down to smaller than a Fae. It's a 4 year anniversary claim and also available from the Loyalty Merchant by the Banker at the docks. I don't know if the Progression servers have those merchants yet, or if long-time accounts have access to those items.

    If those are NOT available to you, there are the /cutemode, /cutemode1, /cutemode2, /cutemode3 commands that physically distorts not only you but everything else around you to be small body big heads. It's actually necessary for some old raid encounters that have knockbacks in shallow water.
  3. wingz New Member

    Thank you! cutemode3 is the one that worked.
    It's sad that I have to play the game like that though. I think I may just retire that character and make it as a different race.
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I had the same problem in Stormhold on my Halasian paladin back when. There are other ways to shrink yourself other than cutemode:
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  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    ^ Visage of Kael turns you into the size of a giant *UNLESS* you have your mount equipped, in which case it will shrink you. Keep that in mind.
  6. Athenia Well-Known Member

    There are also "petrified eyes" that can temporarily give you an illusion and you can buy them from the broker. For example "petrified iksar eye" or "petrified dark elf eye." They're charged using bone fragments from the collection quests.
  7. Hartsmith Well-Known Member

    I'd say this is the best effect. I got lucky when I opened the pack. Didn't even know about the ability when I gave it to my female Sarnak but was thrilled after activating it for the first time. Nice thing about the cloak is that it only has to be worn for activating it so that you can where other cloaks once the effect is working.