"Santa Glugs" Dark Secret By Adoaba/Suwo

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    Er...? What happened? :(

    There are ways to post images, but none of them involve doing so by directly uploading from your computer to here. It's one thing if you find something online and bring it over, but for your own images, they have to be published somehow in a third-party image hosting website, like DeviantArt.com, Imgur, Photobucket, etc. (one of them, might be Photobucket, is now being a real Richard about deigning to allow anyone to post anything on any other site without paying very heavily for the privilege. Check the sites out ahead of time if you don't already have one. I like Deviant Art. :D)


    1. Take a screenshot. Publish it in your favorite flavor of image hoster.

    2. What I do on Deviant Art next is right-click on the published image. I'll then get a drop-down menu, basically asking what I'd like to do.

    3. I then click on View Image. This will bring up a separate web page with just the image, a black background, and a URL at the top of the page for the image. (The URL for this page is up above, and is:


    But don't bother clicking on it, it'll just drop you off right here again. ;->)

    4. Highlight and Copy the URL of the published image.

    5. Come back here; open a post.

    6. Type merrily away. When you get to the spot where you want an image, click on the li'l tree-in-a-field button up on the toolbar. It's to the left of something that looks like "a filmstrip." Click on the li'l tree and the Insert Image window will pop up.

    7. Paste your image's URL in the empty line. Hit the Insert button.

    8. Voila! :D At that point, your post image starts to resemble Word an awful lot, at least for image insertions. :)

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    Barring not having a third-party image host, just let us know what server it's on, what the address of the place is (especially if it's in like Freeport/Neriak or Qeynos), things like that, so we can swing round and visit! :)

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