Running EQ2 on OSX

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    Since there is no Mac client for EQ2, you have to run some kind of simulation. While EQ2 runs great in Bootcamp, you don't have access to the Mac OSX. Parallels and VMWare may work OK but they have to allocate resources to the Windows OS in addition to the EQ2 client. Plus you have to pay $79/year.

    Back in 2015, I tried to get EQ2 to run using CrossOver from but there were graphics anomalies that made playing EQ2 far from perfect. I tried again every so often but it still didn't work. Yesterday, I tried again with CrossOver v18 and it worked great! I tried playing while streaming but it crashed often. Once I did a full install, it worked fine. I'm still using the trial version (14 day trial period) but plan on buying a copy. It costs $39.95 (no support, no upgrade) and $59.95 (one year support and upgrades).

    If Daybreak doesn't mind, I will keep everyone updated on my experience. Wish me luck!
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    I am considering coming back for the PvP, yet only have a mac computer atm. Not sure if I want to buy a sub and a new computer all for a character to be deleted in 3 months...

    My answer, is PLEASE keep me updated!
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    So far, I've installed ACT and the DarqUI interface and they both work fine (ACT required .NET installation). I'm also using the High Performance graphics setting (in windowed mode). I didn't have to make any customizations so far. I have two 27 inch external monitors hooked up via a j5create (JUD380) adapter. I have ACT and Discord on my 2015 MacBook display, EQ2 on one of the 27 inch displays and I'm watching Mythbusters streaming on the other display and things are working great!
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    Oh well...nothing's perfect. ACT works but the TTS (text-to-speech) for Custom Triggers doesn't. This sort of makes them useless unless you want to create a bunch of WAV files to use for your triggers instead. ACT also crashed a few times but that may have been due to the TTS. I tried installing the latest version of .NET (v 4.62) to see if that would fix it but it didn't.
  5. Ratagnan New Member

    ACT is pretty much useless in emulation since it crashes often. EQ2 is still running well though. I've only noticed a few graphics artifacts (blue outlines around objects) but that hasn't happened often (once in The Bixel Hive, once in Marr's Ascent and once in my guild hall). Also (at least using the High Performance setting), the ground at a distance looks like I'm in Very High Performance mode and then renders better once I get closer. Great otherwise.
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    I'm using Crossover 15, works great
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