Rune channel mastery ( coercer class )

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Unao, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Unao New Member


    Before the patch that rune was bug :
    -> 50 fervor + 50 overcap on decription
    -> 25 fervor + 25 overcap on tool tips
    -> no fervor overcap

    After patch
    -> overcap still not work ( the most important )

    My personnal suggestion : ( i know that mana cloak is an AA )
    Replace Channel by Mana Cloak
    Making Mana Cloak in HOT (cause actually that spell is useless)
    add 10 fervor for the duration ( 30s )

    Again, the work you've done is really bad, because you're putting online upgrades early (that are not even tested),
    Then by pity, take your time to do the job properly and present us quality content.
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  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I'd rather it wasn't something that requires AA... especially since coercers are already forced to use 22 AA to get the ability that one of their epic 2.0 abilities buff...
    Channel is a bad one though.. an art with a base reuse of 15 minutes is a bad one to buff...
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  3. Praetorian Active Member

    I have suggested to the dev team to move the ability from Channel to something like Mana Cloak. But the team doens't seem to like that idea. Moving that ability to Mana Cloak puts it more in line with the Celestial Rune. I don't understand myself why the dev team has such a focus on that channel ability. That ability has not been relevant for chanters for 3 years but they keep putting abilities on it with the class cloaks and now the rune.

    My other idea to Caith was to change that rune entirely to something like making Destructive Mind group wide. You can already cast destructive mind on multiple people so all it would have to do would be instead of making it targeted it casts the reactive on everyone in the group. Very little coding needed for dev time to do it.

    Illusionists already have more utility and better dps output and not giving coercers a little bit of love is just another reason why guilds will continue to go with Illusionists over Coercers.


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