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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueMistNuruodo, May 17, 2018.

  1. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    I just joined AB server. Since it is a RP server, what is the primary way of playing it compared to the other servers? My character is Blueworm (Halfling Swashie). How does one play a RP server? How does one play a non-RP server? How are the communities different?
  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    There is no significant difference. Some people RP, but most don't. The people who RP don't tend to do it out in the open because of trolling. If you want to RP, find an RP community and they will help you.
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  3. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    Mechanically there is no real difference. Role play usually means one of three things. It's the role your avatar fulfills in the game. It's a way of interacting with the game as your character. Or, it's the way in which different characters interact and tell stories with each other.

    You can do the first two on any server in any game. I'm playing a fighter. I'm playing Bob the Fighter making choices as Bob the Fighter would in this situation. That's all you and requires no one else to get it done.

    The third requires other players playing other characters to work. Bob the Fighter tells Sue the Wizard to kiss off. Sue the Wizard begins casting a spell at Bob the Fighter. Character interaction and consequences ensue. For some role players only the third has any real meaning since that is where unscripted character growth beyond the stats of the game can come from.

    If you want to participate on the level of the third type, go find other role players and role play with them. If you don't care to do that, great, play where ever you want.

    As a side note, I personally wouldn't recommend AB in its current state for new role players or new players in general. I'm sure I just generated a bunch of hate with that sentence, but I stand by it.
  4. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    / em hates Castegyre just on general principles!

    JK, AB is a quiet server and many RPers are very... elitist in their RP standards and not very helpful to those who want to try it out to see if they will like it. So if any do want to try it, look for a casual guild as they will have RPers there but wont be judgmental for long hehe
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  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You can /join rplfg in your chat window and that is where you will find most of the roleplayers. There are venues open most nights, but other than one of them, for me they are meh. There are many guilds on AB for roleplayers, join that channel and tell them what type of guild you may be looking for, your playstyle, a bit about your character and your goals, and what type of RP you may be looking for.
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  6. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    Why would you say AB is not good for new players? Which server would you recommend? I am using a free account btw, so I think my options are limited. Also, I am wondering how to RP a halfling swashbuckler in this game. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Nitestar Member

    I agree. I would not recommend AB in it's current state for new role players or players in general. In fact I am wondering if any other server has a role play community one could transfer to. AB has become toxic in my opinion. The venues mentioned by Cyrrena are mostly strip clubs with very questionable acts that border on indecent. But to each their own. If you are from another server that has an RP community please let me know! I am interested in a move.
  8. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

  9. Nitestar Member

    no rplfg is not a strip club venue. It is a chat channel like the general channel where those who role play chat. It is a place where those with venues advertise them.
  10. Nitestar Member

    If you are on AB and are from a good aligned city I would recommend contacting Slipps from the guild Vagabond Knights. They are a RP guild and very helpful. If they don't work for you maybe Slipps can recommend another guild that may work.
  11. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    My guild is an evil guild, but most aren't fanatic about it *grins maliciously* as well as RP is optional, but encouraged. We take anyone, even paladins... and nothing more evil than a self-righteous, sure-its-holyer than everyone else religious fanatic *grins at the paladins in the forum* but there are lots of guilds out there, but many are not crammed with players, I'm afraid. Vagabond Knights seems a decent guild, I also recommend them, but don't tell them I sent you, they MIGHT think I will stop killing Qeynos city guards if they think I did a good deed!
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  12. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    Alright. So mayber Slipps from Vagabond Kinghts or go to Mad'jul?
  13. Dude Well-Known Member

    Or both.
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  14. Nitestar Member

    Sadly we can't make that decision for you but Dude has a a good idea. try them both and see where you fit in.
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  15. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    Sounds good. Thanks. I will.
  16. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    I just checked out Vagabond Knights website, and I can tell I think I would like their group. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  17. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Good, just don't try to interfere if you see someone killing guards in Qeynos, they are just removing the vermin from the city... as well as littering the streets with corpses!
  18. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    Don't interfere? Hmm. I thought it wasn't PvP.
  19. Dude Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure she was role playing.
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  20. BlueMistNuruodo New Member

    I know she was. I was trying to rib her back. I didn't do too good. Let me retry that.

    *Ahem* "Excuse me! If I see someone trying to remove vermin from the city, I hope it is the stinking rats. Now if you are someone were to trying attempt to kill our guards, well..." (goes into stealth mode) ... [a body slumps over with a dagger in their back]. End scene. Blueworm is the hero! I just might have a thing or two to say about that" as Blueworm lighlty touches one of his daggers.
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