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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Dark Grue, May 31, 2015.

  1. Dark Grue New Member

    Holy major update, Batman! There's a new full point release!

    Finally got around to doing something I said for a very long time I wasn't going to implement. Yeah, pretty much every time I say that it eventually ends with me implementing it anyway. But I do it when I'm good and ready!

    This version brings a major overhaul to Quest Master - now quest status is automatically updated from Census! Wow! So much feature! Convenience!

    So, yeah, all those lazy guild members who wouldn't enter or update their individual quest status (which, admittedly was a big hassle, but for the longest time there just wasn't any other way)... well, you don't have to rely on those lazy slobs anymore. Quests get populated by magic! It's evil magic, but that's because good is dumb.

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 9.0.0:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Fixed sitewide "Accessed Denied" error when module is uninstalled.
    • Added missing Aerakyn race icons.
    • Added missing Channeler class icon and fixed missing display logic.
    • Getting ready for 2038, changed DB time representations to BIGINT.
    • Added tooltips to sort options to clarify interface.
    • Minor cleanup to SQL query syntax.
    • Deprecated use of id field for character data (characterId is now canonical).
    • New feature: major update to Questmaster:
      • Quests automatically updated from Census, no need to manually set quest status!!!!
      • Adding new quests doesn't require DB schema changes.
      • Updated sort dialogs with tooltips for abbreviated items.
      • Note that extensive internal changes have been made, files have been added and removed.
      • Better handling of sort options.
    • Rework to XML parsers.
    • Removed $config['qm_exclude_inactive'] option.
    • Fixed table resize JavaScript functionality that was preventing the feature from working.
    • Sort direction indicators are now clickable to change sort direction for that column.
    • Removed obsolete access quests (tSS, NekC_tR, CoK, tSC).
    • Added Census service ID for the Roster Master application. Please refer to http://census.daybreakgames.com for documentation of this api.
    • * A number of latent bugs removed incidentally. Several added for good measure.
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  2. Demetrios New Member

    I did get this error when performing a "Force Update" after upgrading to 9.0.0
    Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on null in /homepages/25/d356624087/htdocs/Deathinc/EQ2-Deathinc/modules/Roster_Master/functions/parser.inc on line 656
  3. Demetrios New Member

    Also getting a
    "A database error has occurred

    The webmaster has been notified of the error"

    When accessing any of the quest trackers

    there was no info in the log, however I did receive a more specific error via Email

    On /index.php?name=Roster_Master&rm=qm_display&qm=key
    While executing query "SELECT rm.characterId, rm.name_first, rm.type_level, rmu.*, qs.*
    FROM cms_roster_master_quest_status AS qs
    LEFT JOIN cms_roster_master AS rm USING (characterId)
    LEFT JOIN cms_roster_master_users AS rmu USING (characterId) ORDER BY rm.name_first ASC"

    the following error occured: Table 'db596058855.cms_roster_master_quest_status' doesn't exist

    In: /homepages/25/d356624087/htdocs/Deathinc/EQ2-Deathinc/modules/Roster_Master/functions/questmaster.inc on line: 169
  4. Demetrios New Member

    The table "roster_master_quest_status" was not created during the update in MySQL.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Roster Master and the table was properly created.
    however there is no guild data, and when performing a Force Update, the same
    error is returned:
    "Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on null in /homepages/25/d356624087/htdocs/Deathinc/EQ2-Deathinc/modules/Roster_Master/functions/parser.inc on line 656 "
  5. Demetrios New Member

    Also When trying to access rostermaster through the admin settings the following is returned
    "Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'modules/Roster_Master/functions/sigmaster.inc' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php5.6') in /homepages/25/d356624087/htdocs/Deathinc/EQ2-Deathinc/modules/Roster_Master/admin/index.inc on line 85"
  6. Demetrios New Member

    This Part of the issue is resolved, apparently the "sigmaster.inc" file was corrupted and replacing it with a backup copy
    resolved not being able to access RM4DF from the Admin Menu.

    This is still an issue. I did try removing all RM4DF files after finding the corrupt sigmaster.inc file
    and started from scratch. That however made no difference.

    The diagnostic page shows everything "OK" with the exception of mod_rewrite, which I expected.
  7. Dark Grue New Member

    It's not a bug, it's a feature :p
    I've got Demetrios sorted with bugfixes. The next version, 9.1.0, adds a Collection Quest tracker, major rework to the parser and significant speed improvements. Those considering upgrading should probably hold off until that release. There is currently a RC1 release replacing the 9.0.0 download that fixes the above issues, but does not include the final parser rework.

    I have to rebuild some of the collection quest tables if Census is updated for the new expansion, so I will probably use the remaining time to do bugfixes and release shortly after PoP drops.
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  8. Dark Grue New Member

    I've put a stealth release of RC2 up on the download sites a few days ago.

    This adds the new JSON parser and eliminates all dependencies on XML. Getting rid of XML gave the advantage of shrinking data structures about 25% (XML tags are very, very inefficient), it also simplified the parser logic greatly. The downside is that the JSON parser isn't very resilient (if it doesn't parse, you get back a big fat NULL), and JSON isn't human-readable at all.

    I've been working forward from the RC2 drop, polishing up some interface presentation, updating the documentation, and just generally cleaning up things. Things should be ready in anticipation of a Census update (for collection quests) for the expansion release.
  9. Dark Grue New Member

    Collection quests increased to 1250 (and added another 48 unique item icons), so looks like Census got the new collections on release!

    I'm going to play a bit, new version should be out in the next day or so.
  10. Dark Grue New Member

    Up to a point, it is better to just let the snags be there than to spend such time in design that there are none.
    - Alan M. Turing

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 9.1.0:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Improved Alt logic.
    • Added the ability to show only claimed characters in Quest Master. Thanks to Tulvarus, for the feature suggestion.
    • Fixed bug in Quest Master where resort links weren't preserving Expansion selections.
    • Query Quest Status now honors the current show_alts and show claimed characters search options.
    • Added vertical centering to sort checkboxes and radio button labels.
    • Replaced references to http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/ with http://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/ link.
    • Fixed database errors with references to "rm.id".
    • Fixed problem with multiple crc entries for the same characterID being present in the roster_master_quest_status table.
    • Fixed old RM4DF version number in sigblock templates.
    • Fixed Signature Master not pulling signature block avatars from the correct subdirectories and defaulting to the eq2 logos.
    • Some template cleanup.
    • Moved administration display strings into language file.
    • Additional diagnostics messages.
    • Cleaned up installer's database upgrade strategy.
    • Remove obsolete statistics from block.
    • Updated documentation.
    • Updated contib/history.sql file to reflect new events.
    • New feature: addition of Collection Master! :D
      • Reports on a character's collection quests.
      • Like Quest Master, automatically updated from Census.
      • Note: Collection Master can only know about collection quests that exist in Census, quests have been known to be held back for new expansions.
    • Reworked parser to increase efficiency:
      • Reduced use of globals and reworked data structures to be more efficient for write operations, rather than replicate the structures used to build the roster pages.
      • SQL query optimizations.
      • Massive speed improvements during roster update; NOTE: this comes at the cost of detailed logging of roster changes (eliminating the loops to do comparisons solely for logging purposes had a significant performance cost).
      • Removed XML parsers in favor of JSON, for a 25% data savings advantage.
    • Thanks to Feldon with helping with the Census query syntax and suggestions on efficiency improvements.
    I also want to give an honorable mention to Demetrios, who was brave enough to walk face-first into all the bugs I left in 9.0.0 (to be fair, I did say they were in there! :p ), and be patient enough to accept a late fix, in lieu of actual regression testing in the first place.
  11. Dark Grue New Member