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    Roster Master provides a method to integrate the Sony EverQuest II Guild Roster into your guild's Web site. The Roster Master Project is a Free, Open-Source software project, and has been ported to multiple platforms with a wide range of included features. The Roster Master Project is composed of a family of ports of the original Roster Master module originally written by Rex "SaintPeter" Schrader.

    This will be the official thread for Roster Master, in its many and varied incarnations.

    The project page for ports of Roster Master and associated projects and utilities is at http://www.rostermaster.org/.

    [Archived support thread is at http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...roster-for-your-personal-guild-website.548547]
    *** If you're having problems with Roster Master and you've come here for help, please provide the following information in your post: ***
    • PLATFORM: The CMS your website is running on (i.e., Dragonfly, PostNuke, none, etc.).
    • VERSION: The version of Roster Master you're using (i.e., RM4DF 8.3.0, RMSA 5.3.5, etc.).
    • URL: A website address where we can see your roster in action.
    • ERRORS: Any error messages you're receiving in their entirety.
    • TRIGGERS: Exactly what you're doing (or attempting to do) when you experience the problem.
    • Troubleshooting steps you've taken so far.
    • Whether or not you're running a "tweaked" version of RM (if you've edited the code yourself to change the aesthetics, add features, or remove features).
    This information is vital! Help us help you...be as thorough and as detailed as possible.
    Unless you're an advanced user and are familiar with the code, it's typically best to start with clean installation of the RM files as-is, only changing the configuration file to contain your guild's basic information and your personal preferences. This goes for new installs and upgrades! Hold off on any core code changes and customizations until you're sure that Roster Master will run properly on your website "right out of the box.
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    "The English approach to ideas is not to kill them, but to let them die of neglect."
    - Jeremy Paxman

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.3.1:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Updated REST API URLs as a result of the domain change to census.daybreakgames.com on April 30, 2015.
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  4. Demetrios New Member

    Dark Grue,

    Long time, how have you been ? I just came back to the game after a bit of a sabbatical (Mostly due to the Time Locked Server), so I have thrown together w new website based on Dragonfly 9.4 (No Blocks, theme, ect.., that will work with V10 without some work) I have reinstalled gems used the 1.4.2 patch to do the install as well as used the included patches in the latest version of RM4DF 8.3.2. issue I have is that My date under the event details looks like this "_13ENov_WedPMGMTE2 (GMT -6:00)" lol this is actually supposed to be 11-25-15 1:30 PM
    Just wondering if you had any Insight ?
  5. Demetrios New Member

    This may be due to the fact that I Combined GEMS with the module from 1.4.2.. Just thought you may have some insight. I was unable to find a complete build Later that it was a version meant for WoW (Think I might Have just thrown up a little in my mouth) and that is not going to do me any good lol. Also appears that even though signups appear to work if you go to edit the event/groups people that have signed up are there, however when you look at the event no characters are displayed. Again I know this is not you module, but hopefully you have some insight !!

    Thank you,

  6. Dark Grue New Member

    Looks like a problem with the way GEMS is formatting the date. Likely either a PHP support library is missing, or a depreciated function is being used that was since removed. I'd look at GEMS output functions and see what it's doing to format the date.

    Other than that, I'm afraid that I can't offer much insight. From what I understand, GEMS hasn't been in development for many years, and software's somewhat of a dynamic environment. What once worked, may not work later on, as other things progress forward.

    It's unfortunate nothing's come in to fill the gap, but also somewhat understandable. Calendar apps are far more difficult to code than one would think. Handling time zone, DST, and other conversions robustly is not trivial, full of corner cases, and a PITA to test. Doing it well (and securely) is quite the project.

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  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Is this site targetted to replace the site that was shut down last month? Guildportal I think it was.
  8. Dark Grue New Member

    Roster Master allows you to perform EQ2 guild roster management on your own Dragonfly CMS website. GEMS was a guild calendaring system that's since fallen out of development long ago. Both are single-guild/single-site applications. Guildportal essentially offered these functions as a service.

    There's a significant difference in scale and intent, though any guild that wanted to move from a hosted service like Guildportal to their own site could certainly do so. However, there's a considerably higher difficulty curve integrating and managing your own site when compared to a prepared solution. It's perfectly understandable that guilds would prefer the latter, which allows them to focus more on doing guild things, rather than doing IT management.

    It remains to be seen if another service will step into the void left by Guildportal, but the main barrier may be while there may be a need for such a service, the business model just isn't there.

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  9. Adevil Well-Known Member

    No kidding. If you don't have the backend scanning census it's all micro-managing. Speaking of census...Feldon? Just an idea.
  10. Dark Grue New Member

    Well, that's exactly what Roster Master does - but for a single guild, and admittedly not with the same granularity of scope that EQ2U goes to. I don't pull the detailed character data, for instance. Also, I suspect there might be a way to automatically populate the Heritage Quest Tracker now, but it took so long for that data to be exposed, the thought of reworking the interface gives me a headache... =P

    I agree, EQ2U is probably the service closest to replicating Guildportal in scale, and I had them in mind when I was writing the above. But even so, replicating Guildportal's functionality into EQ2U would still require a significant investment in functional expansions, and probably in the scale of the hosting solution as well. A non-trivial proposition, at best, and not something I'd casually suggest.

    Once upon a time, there were quite a few (a few dozen, not hundreds of) active installations of Roster Master; now, I'm not so sure. Developing and hosting such a service is very expensive, shockingly so. I suspect without a substantial, and paying, market, it'll be hard to offer such a service without it being a labor of love, which (being that most of us don't have unbounded disposable income) inevitably ends sometime. Since the online gaming market seems to think that squeezing out tithes from the players in terms of both virtual and real-world payments - as we are familiar with both character and guild housing payments - guilds seeking to cover additional hosting costs may be an uphill climb. I've seen similiar problems with other gaming communities, it can be very hard to get people to pitch in when the hat comes around to cover Teamspeak server costs or that ARMA3 server hosting... despite many hosting services offering a "pitch-in" payment system usually one or two people in the group end up covering most or all of the costs, and that can end when they get fed up with people not paying their fair share, or just eventually lose interest in the activity altogether.

    I dunno, as my guild is teeny-tiny, and I've well exceeded my needs with Dragonfly and Roster Master, I'm not the target audience for such a service. The technical aspects are nothing special. But, I'd say the proposition needs a business model, it's not gonna run on banner ads alone. Feldon's experience with EQ2U may put him in a better position to analyze the market for such a service, and should he and his crew pursue it, I'm sure it will be grand!

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  11. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    There is already Rostermaster and Eqdkp+, how many more do you need?
  12. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Guild Portal is shutting down by the end of this month (November). It never used Census data.

    GamerLaunch (formerly GuildLaunch) has started using EQ2 census data. It's a bit kludgy and I've already worked with them quite a bit on how to pull this data, how it would help with guild rosters, etc. I may end up creating a Tutorial that walks through how to setup a guild roster with their site's UI.
    To fully recreate what GuildPortal, GamerLaunch, etc. have, we'd have to add a TON of functionality. Pages, Forums, DKP, Loot Tracking, Announcements, etc. etc. The only thing we get "free" from Census is the Roster. Everything else, we'd have to create ourselves or adapt existing scripts out there. It would be a massive undertaking for one game. The only way these big sites like GP, GL, etc. stay functioning is they support 100 or more games and then just customize as needed for each game. They're able to amortize the development cost over all those games including whatever game of the month has just come out.
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  13. Adevil Well-Known Member

    ^^^This over and over again. Game does not run for free, nor do the fan sites.

    Thank you for your contribution, DG.
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  14. Demetrios New Member

    Possibly an issue with the "time.php" file :

    // Function to convert form data into unix timestamp for database storage
    function CalculateStart($gemEventStart, $gemStartHr, $gemStartMin, $gemStartMer) {
    global $userinfo;
    $gmt = $userinfo['user_timezone'];
    $region = $userinfo['user_dst'];
    list($day, $month, $year) = split('[-]', $gemEventStart);
    if ($gemStartHr == 12 && $gemStartMer == 'am') {
    $gemStartHr = 0;
    } elseif ($gemStartMer == 'pm' && $gemStartHr != 12) {
    $gemStartHr += 12;
    $time = gmmktime($gemStartHr, $gemStartMin, 0, $month, $day, $year);
    if ($gmt != 0) { $time -= (3600*$gmt); }
    return (L10NTime::in_dst($time, $region)) ? $time-3600 : $time;


    // Function to break down unix timestamp into readable format
    function TimeGap($gap){
    // Calculate weeks
    $weeks = floor($gap / 604800);
    $gap -= ($weeks * 604800);
    // Calculate days
    $days = floor($gap / 86400);
    $gap -= ($days * 86400);
    // Calculate hours
    $hours = floor($gap / 3600);
    $gap -= ($hours * 3600);
    // Handle remainder
    $unused = $gap;
    // Generate output
    $output = array($weeks, $days, $hours);
    return $output;


    function GEMdate($format, $time, $region=0, $gmt=0) {
    // check if we already have a unix timestamp else convert
    if (!is_numeric($time)) {
    if (ereg('([0-9]{4})-([0-9]{1,2})-([0-9]{1,2}) ([0-9]{1,2}):([0-9]{1,2}):([0-9]{1,2})', $time, $datetime)) {
    $time = mktime($datetime[4],$datetime[5],$datetime[6],$datetime[2],$datetime[3],$datetime[1]);
    $time = L10NTime::tolocal($time, $region, $gmt);
    // If server time is DST but the given time isn't then DST is extracted
    if (date('I') == 1 && date('I', $time) == 0) $time += 3600;
    // return correct formatted time
    return gmdate($format, $time);

    Also noticed that signups error out on Line 192 of Signup.php this was the patched signups.php file from Roster_Master\Module\Contrib\GEMS:

    $SignupDate = GEMdate2(_GEM_DATE7, $row1['gemSignupDate'], $userinfo["user_dst"], $userinfo["user_timezone"]);
  15. Demetrios New Member

    Does anyone have GEMS With all Directories i.e. Language,Blocks, ect., ect. All I have is the " Beta Fix" Version (Supplied by Dark Grue :http://www.theclenchedfist.com/Downloads/details/id=21.html") which only has the Module Directory. trying to piece this together, so I can properly go through the code, and perhaps revive this tool.

    I have attempted to merge Which can be found at: http://thehalasianempire.com/gem_1_2_0_0.zip
    But it appears the code was completely rewritten between the two releases.
  16. Demetrios New Member

    Ok was able to piece together GEM Version with Dark Grue Beta Fix Version.
    had to add several "Define" entries into language\eng\gem.php
    as well as combine directories and files from version
    as of right now I have GEM mostly working.

    Things that do not work
    Sort by Class: - Tables remain blank
    AutoSlot - when selecting Yes in Admin\GEM and saving it reverts back to NO

    Added the following to language\eng\gem.php :
    define('_GEM_DATE2','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_DATE3','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_DATE4','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_DATE5','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_DATE6','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_DATE7','D M d, Y g:i a');
    define('_GEM_ALLOW_OUT','Allow Outside Signups');
    define('_GEM_SIGN_DATE','Signed Up Date');
    define('_GEM_NOT_AVAIL','Not Available');
    define('_GEM_REG_USERS','Registered Users');
    define('_GEM_ALLOW_OUTSIDER','Allow Outside Of Guild Signups');
    define('_GEM_DEFAULT_DET_LIST','Default Sort List');
    define('_GEM_AUTOSLOTS','Auto Fill Slots');
    define('_GEM_TXT_ONLY','Text Only');
    define('_GEM_GRFX_ONLY','Graphics Only');
    define('_GEM_GRFX_TXT','Graphics And Text');
    define('_GEM_DKP_USAGE','DKP USAGE');

    Increased Max Level to 100

    Still working on the AutoSlots and Sort By Class, Once finished I will Provide a Link to Download For Any That are interested.

    Dark Grue If Interested in Assisting let me know.
  17. Dark Grue New Member

    No man goes before his time - unless the boss leaves early.
    - Groucho Marx

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.3.3:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Updated list of servers in admin panel.
    • Fixed errors/assumptions in guild search in admin panel.
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  18. Demetrios New Member

    GEMS (Guild Event Manager)
    -Corrected Definitions in language\eng\gem.php
    -Increased Max Level to 100
    The Following Items will be addressed ina future release
    -AutoSlots currently does not work.
    -Sort By Class currently does not work

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  20. Dark Grue New Member

    I feel lucky because earlier in my career, I found what I liked to do; it's build software that you see your friends using on the street, and they like it.
    - Dennis Crowley

    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.3.4:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Fixed missing "http://" in version string link.
    • Fixed image hotlinking diagnostics.
    • Fixed table scroll JavaScript functionality that was causing misalignment between the header and the table column widths.
    • Increased Max Hit stat field sizes to BIGINT.
    • Added High Keep: The Bloodless Incursion Timeline heritage quest.
    • Added Goblin Skull Earring heritage quest.
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