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    Roster Master provides a method to integrate the Sony EverQuest II Guild Roster into your guild's Web site. The Roster Master Project is a Free, Open-Source software project, and has been ported to multiple platforms with a wide range of included features. The Roster Master Project is composed of a family of ports of the original Roster Master module originally written by Rex "SaintPeter" Schrader.


    This will be the official thread for Roster Master, in its many and varied incarnations.

    The project page for ports of Roster Master and associated projects and utilities is at http://www.rostermaster.org/.


    *** If you're having problems with Roster Master and you've come here for help, please provide the following information in your post: ***
    • PLATFORM: The CMS your website is running on (i.e., Dragonfly, PostNuke, none, etc.).
    • VERSION: The version of Roster Master you're using (i.e., RM4DF 8.3.0, RMSA 5.3.5, etc.).
    • URL: A website address where we can see your roster in action.
    • ERRORS: Any error messages you're receiving in their entirety.
    • TRIGGERS: Exactly what you're doing (or attempting to do) when you experience the problem.
    • Troubleshooting steps you've taken so far.
    • Whether or not you're running a "tweaked" version of RM (if you've edited the code yourself to change the aesthetics, add features, or remove features).
    This information is vital! Help us help you...be as thorough and as detailed as possible.
    Unless you're an advanced user and are familiar with the code, it's typically best to start with clean installation of the RM files as-is, only changing the configuration file to contain your guild's basic information and your personal preferences. This goes for new installs and upgrades! Hold off on any core code changes and customizations until you're sure that Roster Master will run properly on your website "right out of the box.
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    Roster Master for Dragonfly (RM4DF) 8.3.0:
    Get it and development news from the RM4DF Project Page. Not a Dragonfly CMS user? Visit the Roster Master overview page for information on related projects.
    • Fixed logging error in fetch_URL() function.
    • Reworked mod_rewrite rules in .htaccess file to fix bug affecting multiple module instances.
    • Fixed some issues with the control panel and multiple instances of Roster Master.
    • Added PHP core info page to Administration interface.
    • Add Heritage quests from Live Update #65: November 13, 2012 (Chains of Eternity).
    • Add Heritage quests from Live Update #68: November 12, 2013 (Tears of Veeshan).