RoR Tier Crates.. the missing link

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Vlkodlak, Jan 27, 2023.

  1. Vlkodlak Well-Known Member

    The equipment crates have been a consistent benefit to the player for a number of expansions now. We have come to expect them and depend on them to a point to get geared. It's not a secret that gear this year has been very lackluster and disappointing. The idea of grinding nonstop for terrible loot tables is nauseating. Please consider adding the crates in for Erollisi Day and help player enjoy the game.
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  2. vlada Active Member

    please no.they are dumb. i am enjoying the game just fine, thank you
  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    There is a VERY CLEAR divide between the players who can run H2s, and everyone else who is struggling to earn +5 resolve at a time to inch closer to being able to do H2s every week. I would welcome gear crates to help raise up my resolve with all the coins I'm probably not going to be spending on useful stuff until June.
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  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    Honestly, the main issue with the gear crates was that they allowed players to buy crates that leveled all the way into end-raid content.

    If crates were purchasable but ONLY up to 425R crate rewards (EG, H1 weekly rewards) then you could have a lot more folks getting into H2s and then H3s, without worrying about overwhelming the need for running any actual content.
  5. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Crate idea was terrible in last expansion. If they could put actual raid flags so people having cleared some content before being able to buy something then it would have been ok. Saw many folks who usually bot having better gear w/o stepping inside a raid zone. Things eventually evened out at the very end game but up until then it was a disaster with no credible solution implemented by the devs.

    The whole itemisation and risk vs reward systems needs an overhaul but devs are too busy developing the next 2 expansions...
  6. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    But, everyone had to reset gear, again. We all started at the same spot again, no matter if we were raiders or not. The gear we had, all got replaced in the expansion. We all have the opportunity to buy the expansion with mount/merc etc. Giving away free gear for simply playing was so horrible last expansion and glad they did away with it. They could, could, possibly add a once a week crate, that cost say 250 coins, so that you actually had to work to get it, and as Taled said, make it max at 425 gear, no higher.
  7. Uncle Active Member

    honestly the smart loot for heroic crates imho > daily rng crate couple runs = all crate loot just ahve to be geared enough to run heroics.. the issues i have with loot in general is anytime i have to put on lower tier gear(last expct/resolve from ror) to succed in heroics is a fail in itemization.. also iof they add a daily crate id rather see blue/red adron crate.. also if yur gonna have only 4 t1 raid mobs maybe upp the amount of loot drops for those as well cause H3's imho are notenjoyable would rather never go into them ever
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  8. Jroqs New Member

    You can clearly see those who have and those who don't in this thread. You can clearly see those who feel above the rest and do not want others to enjoy. I grind constantly, run about 4 H2 weekly's a week to help others, raid three times a week. Still struggling for upgrades. I don't know if we need crates back, but the work vs. reward sure is a hot pile of steaming poop this xpack and the time investment for some is generating a question out of folks devs should never want to hear... "Why am I doing this..."

    But, you go right ahead and keep touting why its so wonderful for you and you may get your wish and end up playing with a handful of folks rather than a server and watch it sunset.

    Just sayin...
  9. Priority Well-Known Member

    So we're clear. I dont think we should have loot crates for heroic level gear and my max resolve is like 9420 in the number 2 raid guild. Theres absolutely zero reason to have them. Theyre adjusting the lockout on H2 and theres plenty of gear being dropped in heroics.

    When you have 24 people fighting over 1 drop per mob with like 10 raid mobs you can kill a week, sure. Put crates in for raid achievements. Not before that.
  10. Drona Well-Known Member

    When you say you are struggling for gear, you mean, you can't reach 9350 resolve to raids? I just don't understand how that's even possible if you are running that many h2 zones a week.
  11. docdante Member

    For solo players merchants like Thadampos ? in SE are the only fun to play this game anymore...without these crates there is no sense in running solo zones..,these player will quit and leave because there is absolut nothing useful to do anymore.
    there is no future perspective, nothing to do.maybe they will return next expac, or not...
  12. Aethos Active Member

    It would be a good idea to implement these as supplementary to everything else. I do think it wouldn't be a bad idea to sunset them at a certain resolve value, as someone above suggested. Probably 430.
  13. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    There is absolutely 0 chance that you run 4 H2 weeklys a week and raid three times a week and struggle for upgrades.... First named drops 435 items guaranteeded and 440 rare. The monkey drops 435, plus one guaranteed wrist that is 435 (sure its only one time but it is a CBOC item as well). First named in grange offers the same thing, plus the monkey there. H2 drops 430 gear with rare chance at 435. T2 raid mobs drops 435/440 items, this being if you're doing t2 since you're struggling.. just saying. Maybe you're out of upgrades, because your raid is hung up on a tier?

    Crates, just for logging in and buying them daily, go people zero reason to do anything except weekly and then solos and done. You being a raider (3 nights a week), are cool with gear from T1/T2 giving you zero upgrades because it was bought from a crate?

    Just sayin...