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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Hechada, May 9, 2018.

  1. Hechada New Member

    Which is the best for a heroic zone geared group?
    Monk still beasts? Or should I go SK?
  2. Earar Well-Known Member

  3. Drona Active Member

    I will play along, Bruiser!
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  4. maxximum Member

    Monks at the mo. They can hold aggro fine, have nice survivabilty and can outdps even the best t1 dps with some nice gear.
  5. Dannni Active Member

    All the cool kids play SK's. Yes monks are on par for DPS... but no matter how good you are, youll always be labelled a one button wonder (two with the reset)
  6. Earar Well-Known Member

    Who cares ? u dps :)
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  7. Flamace Active Member

    Does it really matter in heroics? Everything melts in sub 30 seconds. With the fail mechanic disabled, who needs them anymore? All it really takes to top the parse is gate proc plus ascension. Its all rather boring if you ask me... I know my personal playtime has gone down over 75%+ this expac.

    Id pick the class you’ll enjoy, it takes quite a bit of work to get caught up with everything. So, IMO going with the flavor of the month will just lead you to stop logging in at some point. Despite what people seem to think, guardians are still solid tanks, you just dont need a tank in heroics.
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  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    yes it matters

    if you play monk or SK, it will melt faster AND you'll rely less on your dps (sometimes they can suck too)

    if you play bruiser or guard, you'll rely a lot more on you group. also ... solos and duos are a pain to do. because yes .. you'll have to do solos and duos .. so if u can have an easier time, just do it
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  9. chakka New Member

    Would berserker be up there with SK and monk?
  10. Revanu Active Member

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  11. Sounson Active Member

    The trolls never fail to take advantage of an opportunity to gripe. They hate us cause they ain't us.
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  12. chakka New Member

    So can monk do decent Aoe dps compared to the SK or zerker?
  13. Revanu Active Member

  14. Dannni Active Member

    Its about the same give or take... although its far far easier on a monk because you need far less coordination, so if you are lazy or not the brightest... go monk!
  15. Drona Active Member

    Not only 1 button (ok may be 2!) but 60% of your parse will come from just 1 CLASS spell. This means you can save real life money by not upgrading your ascension spells! No other class give you this advantage :p
  16. chakka New Member

    Is that true? I am completely ignorant with the classes now so I don’t know wants what. So the dps is very similar ST and AOE?
  17. maxximum Member

    A few points, and I'll post a parse from a full zone run.

    Here is a parse I pulled out at random from my ACT history. The rest of the group are among the best geared toons you'll find in the game, the monk is my alt. My monk doesn't have myth but the rest of the group does, and the second person on the parse is a 730 resolve conjy with over 100k potency. My monk is rocking t2/t3 raid armour because the current raid loot system means that I can equip armour on alts that I've looted on my main, but he is fairly **** compared to the rest of the group. Just to expand on people saying monk is easy mode, I was tanking just fine on bruiser for 9 years up until the start of this expac, and I would have happily carried on playing bruiser, but it seems that they messed up the level cap upgrade for the 'dragonfire' aoe ability which means monks pump out an obscene amount of dps in aoe fights. That said, I was tanking just fine on bruiser for the first few months of this expac.

    I wouldn't focus on the numbers as such, I'm not posting them to show off or whatever, but to make the point that even when in a group with ridiculously geared dps, a lesser geared monk blows everyone else away, and he can tank pretty much anything.

  18. Earar Well-Known Member

    now nothing is set to stone

    right now it's monk/sk and zerk the best

    good at def and off

    good AoE

    pally aren't bad and always a safe choice. Because to be a good SK, u need good gear.

    but yeah balance is always changing, so the OP classes of today may lose a lot of power with the next class balance.
  19. chakka New Member

    That is amazing. All of that dps and you still can be a decent tank and hold Agro with those people lasting and stabbing away?
  20. chakka New Member

    Thanks for replying. It’s not so much as the OP class that I want, it’s that I just want to stick with a strong toon that I can enjoy for the
    One haul. I never will raid so I don’t have to worry about that. Zerker and monk both interest me but if monk is a little more forgiving and can still tank like a beast then I am all for it. It has been years since I played eq2 so I really do appreciate any help I can get from here. Thank you.

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