ROK: Maiden's Chamber, How To "explained":

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Cozumel, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-schizolic Guest

    I've had good success with my group using snares and kiting her around... had a fury and an assassin dual her while i sat back and watched, took a while, but easily doable provided they can keep the snares in place.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    Auric@Oasis wrote:
    Then why is everyone whining about damage over time stuff?
  3. ARCHIVED-Zardoz Guest

    Lornick wrote:
    Good question. They should be more concerned with damage shields (like a Druid's Nettles), pets (both controlled and DoT-like), and procs that fire after being hit (like Imbued Armor).
  4. ARCHIVED-angrytroll1 Guest

    Does anyone have any additional advice on the sisters? We are having a rough go with them. Everything else we have burned down just fine but they are a real pain for us.
  5. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Mez D, ignore X, stun/stifle/kill T first.
  6. ARCHIVED-Meniphisto Guest

    Lornick wrote:
    Wow mate, just wow. I suppose you're talking about the poison aa choice? You don't have to respec... just look at your buff window, notice that the poison is there, and right click it cancel... shouldn't be too hard =P
  7. ARCHIVED-Pawa Guest

    Just an FYI to everyone having issues with the last mob healing....

    Even dispelled DOTs *WILL* heal her.

    Yes she dispels the dots everytime she cages , but if a DOT is up on her, she dispels it, then heals after. Its lame.
    You need to cancel it with a right click to be 100% safe.
    Also be very careful with debuffs, some CA debuffs have a dot component.
  8. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    I tried the 3 iksar squelies with a rather good group, i was the single healer (warden).
    Keeping the tank alive is impossible, after several try i checked my parser and read : 10 000 dps for one mob, 6000 for the other (the sum is 16 000). Even with my 15mn emergency + the anti death spell i can't keep him alive. May be with a miracle it could work. On some attempt he die in 1second on ther i could keep him alive may 5-8 seconds.

    The tank was like me a new 80 with gear from sebilis/crpt, i did several time sebilis (deep in it) and the crypt with him and it was almost too easy.
    We did the other monsters without too much troubles.
    We will go back with a warder.

    I wonder if there is something we did wrong ... yes one monster was mezzed.
  9. ARCHIVED-vinere Guest

    The group should be chain stunning the first skelly you kill, it is not controll immune. The second mob you kill IS controll immune, so just have someone debuff it on inc, and then mes the 3rd mob. Go full out burn on the first mob, while people chain stun it, if you only have one healer, and a not-so-good tank, then just burn and pray, if you can get the first mob down, then you should be ok. Kill the second, and keep the 3rd mes'd until your ready, then kill it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Killerbee3000 Guest

    Bring a swashie in addition to the chanter, they destroy the dps of the mob pretty efficiently.

    Other than that, go nuts on the dps, the faster they die the less dmg the tank takes.
    Solo healing it is much easier as a shammy than a druid though.
  11. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    This zone is pretty easy once you've got yourself geared up from the other instances.
    10 months ago, yea, it was tough. Today? Not so much.
  12. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Latpow wrote:
    What he/she said, although I would also add she does announce in text that she is about to put up her bone cage now, so it's even easier if you don't have your graphic settings up.
  13. ARCHIVED-Macross_JR Guest

    vinere wrote:
    you can not kill the control immune mob first. the mob that starts with T has a buff that prevents the other's death's while it is alive. You need to kill T first, X next, and then last you kill D.
  14. ARCHIVED-vinere Guest

    Gimbel@Permafrost wrote:
    Nothing in my post stays to kill the controll immune mob first.... It specifically says to chain stun the first skelly, thus this first skelly cant be controll immune ~_~
  15. ARCHIVED-Kordran Guest

    Latpow wrote:
    To answer the question broadly, yes, it's very possible. I've done the zone a lot of times on my Paladin, who isn't spectacularly geared. If your gear is legendary (with a mix of some quest fabled perhaps) and all spells at least adept 3, you shouldn't have any issue with the instance. However, if you're putting Amends on the healer, that's a big part of your problem right there. You want that on a scout or high DPS caster. That said, you also need to make sure that whoever you have Amends on is actually putting out the damage, not just coasting.
    Drusella is actually one of the easiest encounters to beat, as long as group members pay attention. You must watch your chat window during the fight, as soon as she speaks, everyone needs to stop attacking. It might be helpful to put the "Attack" icon (from your knowledge book, the crossed swords) on your hotbar so you can visually confirm that you're not attacking. After she speaks, she starts casting her spell and when she's done, she says "The ritual is complete" and her shield is up. She is rooted until her shield drops, so you can back away from her. Cast Prayer as needed and you should still be taunting the whole time to build hate, it won't cause her to heal. Once her shield drops, you resume normal DPS. If she goes wild, use Holy Ground and Sigil if you need to. Wash, rinse, repeat. She dies, you loot.
  16. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Kordran wrote:
    You realize he said that 11 months ago, right?
    Thread was necroposted because someone was having trouble with the threesome of skellies. Drusella conversation is all moot at this point.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kordran Guest

    Yeah, I noticed that after I clicked the good 'ol submit button. Oh well, maybe someone down the road will find it to be useful. Sometimes you see folks say "oh, a Paladin can't tank this" or "a Shadowknight can't tank that" when it's really not the case. (And Drusella was never really that difficult, just required paying attention).
  18. ARCHIVED-Cica Guest

    Did maidens the other day with : swash (tanking), temp (lvl 79), warden (lvl78), warlock, dirge, necro.
    we only really wiped once on the 3 skellies cause of root issues.
    it was fun :)
  19. ARCHIVED-Cozumel Guest

    Yes..that info is MOOONTHS old... the zone has changes.

    First mob is a straigh burn.... mana drains no-longer work.

    Sandstorm guy u mez or root first set of adds..burn one...finish him, or just burn him down with both CC'd..doesn't matter.

    Kill Scorp guy... clear Nox as it pops or people die from the dot...

    Kill TXD in that order.... with D mez'd.

    Burn Drusella.... when she "talks"...stop DPS until fingers go up, then down... continue to burn until dead.

    Zone is pretty much a cakewalk now.

    -- Coz
  20. ARCHIVED-KatrinaDeath Guest

    Latpow wrote:
    I tanked it on a Mystic a few times.... Anything can tank with the right group makeup.
    But then again I am a beast!

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