ROK: Maiden's Chamber, How To "explained":

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Cozumel, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cozumel Guest

    I finally managed to get through the Maiden's Chamber and thought I would try to explain the "how-to"'s of the zone for those that haven't as best I can here:

    Firstly, its a "no-joke" zone...I personally recommend a Mez'r (I happend to be an Illy, sorry), 2 healers (plate+leather, defiler+fury seems to work best), a WELL kitted tank, and some major dps (swash+brig or assy+swash seems to work well, though any high dps caster I'm sure would work). I should note-- the tank (unless godly) should probably be 80, and at least 1 lvl 80 healer, the other healer ~78+. As a 77 Illy, I don't have a problem mezzing in there, and thus that seems to be enough on the regen/haste/mez part.

    Okay, first you need to know there are these "posts" (like the ones you use to fly) at the begining of the zone, and one at the SandGiant guy... You MUST click those to open the door to the Scorpion guy (for the Anaflaxic(sp)? quest update-- note only 1 person can loot the singer, and thus if there's 6 of you that need it, it would require 6 runs [minus the lockout]).

    First mob is an "sperm" like mob, pet pull his room and the adds in there..clearing it. Pull mob back to room. If you have the DPS, you can dps it down (though you will get ported 2-3 times). If ported, run EAST or WEST (so as to not fall in his pit), back to the room and continue. Alternate method: Mezzer mez's/power drains/repeat (tank only taunting, no others engaging)... once power at 0, kill until dead (no worries of ports).

    Drop down into first mobs pit, clear adds..flip lever climb up. Exit room to the left, and hang a left..thats the sand-giant. Method to this guy-- engage until 2 adds pop.. mez 1 add, kill additional add, return to dps'ing sandgiant. Once dead, click the post in that room.

    Proceed down, kill next named on left... go into room, and flip lever. This raises the floor down the hall. Proceed down and left... 3 mobs.. Names start with T, X and D.

    These are the 2nd most difficult encounter in the instance... And its CRITICAL that you kill the mobs in the following order: T then X then D.

    T has a revive spell that will rez any of the other 2 if you kill them, so T must die first... D heals and nukes, but is NOT immune to mez/fear/root.. and thus is killed last. Best tactic: Tank agros X (with taunt), flips to T, and group kills T... Mez on D until both down, finish encounter and get your lame wooden reward (/end sarcasm).

    Remember this room (we'll call it room (A))... exit the room, continue down the hall to the end... the secret door should be open to the scoropion guy.. just kill him with plain ole dps.... 1 person gets the loot and updates the quest... return to room (A).

    Head to back of room (there's a named and a few roams, standard DPS kill)... The portal there leads to the chambers... zone in.

    This is the hardest mob because it pops a bone-shield which heals it for 45k health when its up if you attack during that time.

    This is CRITICAL:

    Set your graphics to "high-performance" (or better if you can handle it)... Engage mob, kill its pet, and begin to DPS. The mob has 3 spells that appear as black is a life-tap, the other is an AOE, and the critical one is the Bone-shield. The DIFFERENCE is that the Bone-shield produces a LARGE thick black-could (only visible with the graphics as high perf. or better)... Once it appears you have a few seconds before the bone-shield goes up. ALL casting and DPS >must< stop or the mob is going to heal for 45k a pop... (usually to full health).

    Once you group gets the hang of not engaging (though healing is fine, and needed during this time) during the bone-shield, the encounter is rather easy...

    And are done.

    -- Coz
  2. ARCHIVED-Blade45 Guest

    Very interesting end mob, sucks *** for a SK. Cant use Insinuate (hate gain with hate gain/damage over time), cant use Innoruuk's Caress (hate gain, damage shield), cant use Hateful Slam (damage, hate gain, knockdown)... though it does let us use Chastisement (hate gain and decreases mit) if we are very carefull.... hrmm now that I think about it... wth are SKs supposed to use to keep aggro off the healers on this mob. Not saying it CANT be done, but IMO the SK ( as usual) has more problems with this mob than other tank class.
  3. ARCHIVED-OpMindcrime Guest

    Blade45 wrote:
    Not that SKs don't need some buffing but you have Death march and an impressive arsenal of single target nukes and life taps not to mention Harm Touch when you really want to get a mob's attention.

    This mob is all about control. If the people you normally hang with are a bunch of button mashing simians, don't bring 'em... ;)
  4. ARCHIVED-MrVinny Guest

    How did you avoid additional add spawns on Sandstorm? They repop at certain intervals from what I recall.
  5. ARCHIVED-Blade45 Guest

    Operations@Mistmoore wrote:
    Yeah DM, HT, Rescue, nice snaps... you do know hate deteriorates rather fast right? One other fact here, with only one taunt that can be used ( which is also our longest recast) using rescue , DM, and HT really wont do squat . To make it totally managable, group set up would need to be as such, troub, dirge, another hate passer, 2 healers. Yep group is makable... but more of a pain compared to uh say... a tank with amends..or say a tank with a buff that procs hate ( big hate) everytime they are hit with no DOT componants. Now I am w aiting for someone to point out, get the gear that procs hate when hit, got it been there done that. IMO, the mob should actually wipe buffs,DOT etc on the bone hand thinger, and anything cast on it from that point would heal it.
    Btw, in one round if you used DM and a rescue.. both of which land of course, 2 secs later the healers are tanking because you are not able to sustain a consistant form of hate.....even with hate AA, rather sucks.
  6. ARCHIVED-Grumpy_Warrior_01 Guest

    Cozumel wrote:
    The first port happens at 75%, so another tactic is to DPS the mob down to around 77% and then have everyone stop all attacks except the tank who uses auto-attack/taunts only. As the mob's health approaches 75% it will heal to full, using a good chunk of its power. Repeat this 3 - 4 times along with the illusionist's power drain until the mob is at zero power, then waste it easily.
    My group always gets kicked across the room and one-shotted after the port, so this way we just avoid it.
  7. ARCHIVED-MrVinny Guest

    We fought the "sperm" in the room with the pit in it (just jumped into the pit after clearing the mob in it) and have avoided the ae after the port, it still went off but we were all moving and far away from its center to be affected by it.

    Blade45 wrote:
    It's no dammage, period. All tanks are in more or less the same boat on that fight. During the bone shield period it is pretty much only heals going on (so amends/melee-hate/reinforcements, DPS hate are all negated for that stretch). It's a group hate management issue for that one, regardless of class. Very doable as an SK too by the way.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kaedian Guest

    Blade45 wrote:
    The level-scaled taunt available to all tanks from the splitpaw adv pack (included in this most recent expansion) does no damage and is on the same recast timer as Insinuate.
  10. ARCHIVED-ReficulFonwaps Guest

    Best Strat for Sperm guy:

    Have the MT take off his weapon and just taunt the mob. Noone attacks, just heal. Once the sperm is out of mana, burn him down and he can't port anyone. Easy as pie!
  11. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Actually for sperm guy.

    Have the tank keep his weapon and autoattack it.
    The sperm guy heals (using up his mana).

    So, have the rest of the group use any power taps they can on him to drain his power faster and the MT autoattack to force the heal (just have the tank watch its health, dont take it below like 85% or so. Let him heal up again before autoattacking once more)
  12. ARCHIVED-ReficulFonwaps Guest

    You are right, that may make it go faster with MT autoattacking, I'll try that next time. And yes, if you have power drains, by all means, use them!
  13. ARCHIVED-WarreSammontakoja Guest

    Would Scourge (Shaman tree INT Lines ens ability) be able to strip the "boneshield" buff?
  14. ARCHIVED-Latpow Guest

    Is Drusella even possible with a Paladin Tanking? Beat it a few times with a Guardian... with a Paladin, it runs after a healer (even if the healer has Amends)... every time. How can they keep aggro off the healers?
  15. ARCHIVED-simpwrx02 Guest

    CHIMPNOODLE. wrote:
    All tanks are in the same boat yeah pally is in the same boat with amends right I am sure he is since it is "negated" during that stretch unless you a total moron and don't put it on one of the healers, oh wait now you have hate gain the entire fight well that point is shot down, and you can also use sigil of hate( or what ever the group amends is called) along with Pally heals which will generate hate to the pally. All tanks like the guard with hate gain proc buff well he is still gettign hit so he keeps aggro with the cage up, that tank is fine, Bralwers well they get most of thier hate via dps and they are probably the most spamy of the tanks for CAs and can probably pop off 75% of thier attacks right after the cage drops and keep aggro that way. Now zerkers will have it rough as well, but they have most of thier normal taunts they can use and they can put out seom nasty dps in bursts. Now the Sk well they lose most of thier taunts and as a lot of them have a damage over tiem with them and thier reactive taunt which is probably one of thier highest forms of hate gain has to be turned off.
    So have any Sks sucessfully tanked this mob I personally havent heard of any on my server.
  16. ARCHIVED-Mulethree Guest

    Really flaberghasted by the last Drusella mob.
    We learned to spot the bone shield business but had big problems with Bone Pin.
    It knockbacks, and snares but also decreases hate by 8,000-12,000 and some note about the damage it does depending on the weapon the target is using - and every 20-25 seconds. Thats a ton of hate.
    With all the junk we had to avoid, dots, counterattacking buffs, damage shields etc. We were very agro-limited on the dps we could do and I think if you tried it with one healer instead of 2 then the healer would end up with agro just from heals. Looked like we could manage it if we avoided all the bone shields perfectly for 12-15 minutes, tho we didn't finish her after 7 tries.
    I can think of some rather odd group configurations that might work, or combinations of miracles and such. But most of my group felt so limited, and nervous about messing up a boneshield, that it was no fun for anyone.
    We drained all her power once but she didn't seem to care - it may have stopped her big fusion fire nuke but nothing important.
    Any more tips on dealing with her?
    Is she worth the trouble?
    Do tanks unequip weapons during the boneshield to avoid riposting?
  17. ARCHIVED-Latpow Guest

    There really is no "single" way to beat her. It depends on your group makeup... but here are some tips and I'm going to clear up some misconceptions. Important to have everyone in group remove any items that might proc a DOT (not DD) like Cloak of Rallos, Certain Daggers, etc... items that proc if the person is hit (MC Greaves, Signet of Light and Darkness, etc... Items that proc Mana Drains... and Damage Shields.
    Misconception 1) Debuffs do NOT heal her... they are just removed when her cage is raised. You can even debuff again while the cage is up provide the debuff does no damage. Mana drains for some dumb reason DO heal her. Do not use mana drains (Illusionist Mana tap for example). Illusionist lvl 80 Ancient Teaching, Doppledanger, heals her as well.
    Misconception 2) She does not mem wipe, but she does deaggro who ever she is targeting. If the tank is high enough on the list, he / she can maintain aggro
    Misconception 3) You can not time her Cage, it's approximately 15 - 20 secs inbetween BUT I've seen stretches as long as 1 minute. If you time, you're gimping yourself. Just have someone call the Cage when they see the Smoke + the Hand. You have enough time to stop DPS before the cage comes up.
    1) Useful to have the whole group in Vent / TS etc. and have someone with can play with graphic settings on Quality (if using Profit UI) or a high graphics setting. This person will call either "DPS in" "DPS OUT" OR "False Alarm, resume attacking".
    2) When Drusella is about to put up her cage you see Black Smoke surround her AND she raises her right hand... the catch is SHE DOESN'T ALWAYS RAISE UP HER CAGE on this animation. You tell your group "DPS OUT" and if the Cage doesn't come up (aka the black smoke disappears without the cage) then you say "False Alarm, Resume attacking".
    3) Most Tanks cannot hold aggro the whole fight unless the group is set-up just perfect... this does not mean it is impossible, just have to think outside the box a little. Her room is HUGE and she can be snared... When her Cage is up she SHOULD always be snared in case the tank loses aggro and people need to run away. Just loop around and run her back to the tank. If the tank cannot keep aggro at all for the life of him.... it's possible to kite her the whole fight. Just have the healers or healer, stand in the middle of the room and heal people that have aggro.
    4) After each cage you have about 10 secs in which she's guaranteed not to put the cage back up... if you're good you can go all out with Dots and then cancel them off. Not required, but can help in some slow DPS groups or if you're the tank.
    I kill the mob just about on a daily basis, with all sorts of group configs... so if you need clariifications on anything else post it and I'll answer the best I can.
  18. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    We just have the healers target Drusilla and heal whoever has aggro. She does hit pretty hard, but very slowly. With good healers there is usually no problem healing whoever has aggro - even a Mage. As long as everyone stops attacking until the tank regains hate, it's easy.
  19. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    So from what I'm reading here, as a bard this single encounter will force me to respec my AA choices? Either that or I'm knocked out of grouping from an entire herioc T8 instance... as if there are hundreds of them to choose from. Wow that is just bad game design. Make it so the bloody mob dispells everything off itself right before putting up the boneshield. Players of certain classes shouldn't have to **** themselves. I can deal with not using certain combat arts. But a forced respec is absurd.
  20. ARCHIVED-Zardoz Guest

    Lornick wrote:
    It already does exactly what you want: all debuffs are automatically dispelled when the Boneshield is cast.

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