Rivervale ; Quest Nodes Spawn Rate Nightmare!

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Sathiel, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Sathiel New Member

    I've noticed on the isle of refuge when using the character booster token, some of the first quest we receive are to collect items, lumber and even slay a few mobs around the tower.

    The problem? There seems to be a huge lack of supply! Can we not ease the spawn time or add more of the nodes? With the gates open and a large number of people that are expected to flood in these common areas, you'd think items that reflect quest would be more easily obtainable ( beyond the normal exemptions. We're talking grinding quest, leveling quest. Not epic's and raids, just everyday leveling content ).

    Or is this the intended outcome? It's maddening not being able to gather simple nodes.. >.<
  2. Gninja Developer

    Its a bug with the spawning of the nodes. Its being worked on for a fix.
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  3. Spectre Member

    Let me add to that =)

    Besides nodes, harvest-able quest updates... Beastlord 'Tame Exotic Warder' has been an issue for me. I have a 110 BL already on live, so I am not new to this.

    I tried to tame:

    a Crageye Stalker in Sundered Frontier
    a Darkpaw Pouncer in Sundered Frontier
    a Dire Ravager in Loping Plains
    a Hulking Brute in Kylong Plains
    a Ravaging Snowmane in Eastern Wastes
    a Sabretooth Scuffler in Fens of Nathsar
    a Sootpaw Direbear in Eastern Wastes
    a Tamed Yeti in The Icy Keep
    a Tundra Beast in Kylong Plains
    a Warslik Prowler in Fens of Nathsar

    All requirements met:
    Exotic Warders cannot be tamed until at least level 80. They require at least 80 Alternate Advancement (AA) points to be spent in the Beastlord tree, 10 of which must be delegated to the Sentinel's Fate AAs at the bottom of the tree. The endline Sentinel's Fate AA is Tame Exotic Warder. As of the end of beta, the Stare Down ability could not be used on exotic creatures and the health of the creature needs to be at 25% before you can use Tame Exotic Warder on it.
    Most of the tamable mobs were not in the locations. I did find raptors in Sinking Sands which usually work pretty easily. I mentored, got them to 25% and nothing.... I then went to Cave of Fear in Feerrott, and the Hellhounds that are tamable there were not in the cave..
    I have done this many times, so no user error. I hope this gets fixed =)

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