River Styx

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    My guild is the River Styx it is a new guild on the Server Crush Bone. Level 50 with most amenities needed for all the crafting and transport and other areas of the game. The hall is right now located in Gorowyn the only true neutral area of the game where vendors will work with any race or class.

    We are seeking mature minded players mostly all adults as we will have a voice server and hope to bring many people into the channel to enhance all game play. No harassing of women in the guild or voice channel will ever be tolerated. We are seeking people at this point to join and become officers people we can trust and help build up the guild.

    I have had a guild before in EQ1 ran many gaming servers and always with the same philosophy that good people will make great gamers. I would like to see the guild pride itself on creating groups and trying to get to know each other as well as being able to just pop on and solo or craft I am not looking for any real requirements except that everyone is treated with respect. Age is not a requirement but the average age of our people so far is about 45.

    Our end goal is to be able to raid together and h.ndle all of the content the game has to offer adventuring levels right now average in the 40's to 50's and crafting is average of 90's as we see the need to be able to craft what we need and be self sufficient.

    When you are looking for your next guild I hope you give the River Styx a look and see if we are the type of group you are looking for a guild that is seeking good strong relationships with other players and right now is looking for leaders.

    I have 6 toons on the server and will be developing a web page this month as well as the voice server come have a look at the River Styx