Rise of Kunark announced; What that means to Berserkers?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Dimglow, May 8, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    No this is SoE's vision of them. This is a quote from SoE's website on the description of a berserker. "Berserkers stand at the forefront of battle, unleashing thier devistating rage upon the enemy while keeping unwanted attention away from thier allies." In simple terms, we are there to get hit and taunt things while we do our DPS acording to SoE. AKA a TANK
  2. ARCHIVED-Ganeden Guest

    Kemt@Venekor wrote:
    You guys need to stop whining about where you're at. My 70 zerker is the MT for our guild and he's top 5 in dps to. My 70 bruiser on my offdays of tanking is completely useless in raids. Berserkers are just fine where they're at. Paladins, Monks and Bruisers need a serious raise in DPS. We have zero raid utility. Drag is the only useful raid utility but it's practically never needed. It helps on the third named in FTH to not wipe the raid but thats the only situation I've even used it in.
    DPS heirarchy is currently like this: Berserkers, SKs, Guardians, bruisers, monks, paladin and should be like this; bruiser, monk, SK, zerker, paladin, guardian.
    With this being said, we need an increase in defensive abilities and practically nothing needs to be done to our dps besides extending current lines. Berserkers are more dependant on their weapons then any other class but not their equipment. All classes in this game are equipment dependant, what a load.
    You can have my brawlers self heal any day. I'm sick of out dpsing my bruiser with my zerker. We don't get any utility either besides a self heal and feign, which are practicallly useless on raids, all it might do is save you a little bit of money in repairs. Ill trade that any day for dps and tanking ability.
    I love my zerker but I love my bruiser too. IMO zerkers should stay unchanged except for spell line exstensions. Pallys, bruisers and monks are where the real love is needed.
  3. ARCHIVED-Necodemus Guest

    No berzerker should be changed too, they need to nerf our DPS while tanking ( nerf the 1h/buckler way ) and boost DPS of 2H weapons.
  4. ARCHIVED-Kage848 Guest

    If you wanna tank on raids only you should have rolled a guardian...or betray...If you wanna be a weaker tank and have the ability to do off tank dps you should play a zerker. ( personly i think zerkers should be in chain and not be tanks at all, i mean how many TANKS does this game need? ) With that being said i kinda agree with the DW thing, but let me explain.... A 1h and buckled should NEVER be anyones best dps. Thats just stupid. Dw/2h should be our best choice at dps. I cant belive i have to explain this lol. I would like to see us get sta line type dps outcome useing dw/2h weapons...Its that simple. Then they should nerf sta line...But only the dps part...Maby even buff the avoid part a bit...Cause we do need some of the dps to hold agro, but if we go tower shield----shiver...dont even wanna think about that lol. Im not sure about the sta line....but one thing i am sure of is a 1h should never be our best dps.
  5. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Good to know you have nothing to say in this game, else it would probably only have 3 classes (1 tank, 1 healer, 1 dd) and nobody would play it because it was so boring. My big wish for RoK: Rename our class from "Beserker" to "Non-Guardian plate tank" (or something that sounds better). This would solve so many problems and would probably the best thing SOE has ever done to Zerkers since release of the game.
  6. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    double post, sry
  7. ARCHIVED-Schmalex23 Guest

    Are you a tool or what? All of your posts are crying about how zerkers do so much more DPS then brawlers. Your list of DPS heirarchy almost make me laugh and shows your inexperience... come on you suck so bad you cant even out DPS a guardian? Please stop trolling our forms and go try to learn your charater instead. And by the way if you learn to read, me nor kemt were complaining about our DPS. We were simply saying that we are not a DPS class, we are a tank class.
  8. ARCHIVED-LiquidFlex Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    I don't see what all the fuss or bid deal is about this. Like Skel said in a previous post, and it stands true throughout time of fantasy lore... a Berserker is just that. A berserker. They are the enraged insane warriors at the forefront that unleash hell on the enemy FIRST... we await a foe that can give us a 'beautiful death' because thats what we are... kinda reminds me of the 'effect' the put on the Spartans in the movie 300. You were born to die in battle. Period.
    We are Zerks... not Guards, not Pallys, not SKs and not a silly monk or bruiser who likes to dodge everything. Hit us, we get even more pissd off and do twice the damage back at you. Kinda like when you piss of the Hulk. :p

    just a thought

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