Ribbitribbitt Day 2013

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  1. hellzelves Member

    Last year on March 10, and in the week before that date, Norrathians made gaming history. Over 600 unique accounts came together from servers across Norrath for one purpose. To give a very special little Froglok some wonderful playgrounds and a very special party in his honor.

    For those of you who weren't involved, we started a guild and leveled it to 70 for a t3 guild hall in less than 70 hours. We not only decorated Ribbitribbitt's TT island retreat but 3 other prestige houses were donated and the t3 hall still looks spectacular.

    So many of you told me stories in the days and months that followed of fellow adventurers that you had lost and of whom you had fond memories. I myself have lost a few friends along the way.

    This year we want to remember the feeling of community that we gained that day. We want to celebrate not only Ribbitribbitt, but all the friends we have lost along our adventures. And we want to celebrate the friendships we have made that are still going strong. Myrose, Ribbitribbitt's mother, and I would like to invite you to this celebration.

    It will be held SATURDAY MARCH 9 at 1 eastern

    We welcome other servers to set up Memorials in kind

    Ribbitribbitt Day will include snacks for all and a Memorial is being designed in the Lillipad Jungle guild hall off Antonica Docks. It will also include one of our celebrated Pay It Forward events. I WILL NOT be collecting Pay It Forward items in advance unless you absolutely cannot make it. What I am asking for in advance is player made books That say a little something about anyone you have known in the world of Norrath who has gone from our world much too soon for the memorial room. If I have any books, trinkets etc ahead of time it will help me make the memorial more inclusive. if there is a special item you wished place I would like to have that ahead of time as well along with a note telling me who it is for so I can place a player made book or sign next to it.

    if you do not have a trinket or book but would like someone's name mentioned in one of the In Memoriam books please send Guk.Sylestia or Unrest.Savvette a mail.

    My main is now on a different server but I made a new Sylestia on Guk so we can use the Lillipad Jungle Guild hall. There will be treats for all and I will have the usual bags and ammo made for all the baby toons. Crafting volunteers and coordinators are as always welcome to sign on! Any questions can be directed to Unrest.Savvette or Guk.Sylestia. Guk.Myrose isn't on as much anymore but she can answer them as well.

    I look forward to seeing all of you there as I can see so many of you still have the alts you made on Guk for last years event. Bright Blessings and Happy Hunting!
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    Well I should be around. I helped level and decorate that hall with some hosted Raids through old content.
  3. hellzelves Member

    I wanted to add that if anyone wanted to contribute a note to a current friend in Norrath to memorialize those friendships as well those books and notes would be more than welcome as well :) I would also appreciate having those in advance
  4. hellzelves Member

    I remember, Estred. /waves. Kharma was very helpful on our raid night popping all of their mains into the guild along with ES for the leveling :)
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  5. hellzelves Member

    I have started sending mails about the event to every toon still in the LPJ guild, the leader of the Fairygod Froggers (who formed as a place to continue these friendships throughout the years) and a few other people. Please forward it to anyone you think may be interested or PM Unrest.Savvette or Guk.Sylestia for a copy.
  6. hellzelves Member

    gotten a few books and signs for the memorial! I have lots of empty books and signs for the asking on Guk if you want to leave a note to celebrate a friendship, remember an old guild, or remember a fellow adventurer we have lost :)
  7. hellzelves Member

    Still collecting notes, messages, trinkets and signs for our In Memory and Friendship memorial :) I had a few questions so here is a more specific list of what we are including:

    1) Player made books and signs (I can provide them) that have a note about any of the following:
    a) Any adventurer you once called a friend in the land of Norrath who is no longer with us
    b) A guild you loved that drifted apart too soon.
    c) A friend you currently hold dear that you want to leave a note for
    d) A note about Ribbitribbitt day.
    e) Anything in the spirit of remembrance and friendship.

    Only Myrose, myself (Sylestia) and approved volunteers will be placing the items to be sure all are appropriate and there is nothing offensive. This is a PG memorial and gathering place.

    A trinket to be placed (flowers, a house item the person liked etc) can be mailed or given to guk.Sylestia but i will need a note or something to explain who it is for/ why you want it placed so I can add a book next to it if necessary :)

    Thanks so much for all the donation offers! Unless you cannot be there just hold on to them all and bring them to they pay it forward event! Hugs and Kisses!
  8. Jazabelle Well-Known Member


    I would like to put the blog post I originally typed up into a book for this memorial. I've tried time and again to put my thoughts into words since RibbitRibbitt's party, but nothing has flowed quite as well as that first post.

    My character on Guk is still the low level character she was when everything happened a year ago. Would it be possible for someone to send her a blank book for the post? I am Jazabelle there.

    I will do my utmost to attend the event. I haven't had the heart to log Guk.Jazabelle in much. The memories are too bittersweet, and I can only imagine what it must be like for Myrose.
  9. hellzelves Member

    I will send her one :) logging in now so i dont forget
  10. hellzelves Member

    eeep so I am not ignoring inbox messages I don't get on here much! All replied now and all requests will be filled this afternoon. keep em coming!
  11. hellzelves Member

    If anyone has screenshots from last years event 9not from websites, your own screenies) We could use some!
  12. hellzelves Member

    This Saturday guys!!!! Please get your submissions in before then! I could also use one or two volunteers to be placing books and signs during the event as i have a feeling a lot will wait til last minute!
  13. Togusah New Member

    Would you mind if I livestreamed event for those that could watch the event unfold?
    This is an outstanding event and would love to take part in it!
  14. hellzelves Member

    i don't think it will be as big as the original event but you are more than welcome
  15. hellzelves Member

    this event is tomorrow guys just a reminder. still accepting volunteers of all sorts and books and signs for the memorial! I love that I am getting books dictated cross server in messages to Sylestia! love logging in to transcribe more.
  16. hellzelves Member

    Setting up now! Come join us
  17. Tynker New Member

    I am sorry that I missed this event... I would like to share with you a couple screen captures of something that I added to our guild hall on Everfrost. I was very happy and thankful to have met the little tadpole... he will always been remembered

    I offer these in his honor..



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