Ribbitribbit Day 2015

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    It is that time of year again. The Lillipad Jungle is hosting our annual Ribbitribbit Day.

    Not familiar? Basically, on the 2nd Saturday in March, to pay homage to the original Lillipad Jungle project, we get together, do a Guk server pay it forward (and other servers if we have hosts) and do tours of all the original houses.

    We have a fb page (The Lillipad Jungle Project) but it is pretty simple! Make a character on Guk, or use the one you had for the original event and join us!

    We also do some moments of silence in the memorial hall in the LPJ guild hall. This is where we store mementos meant to honor gamers we have lost, in any game over the years, or gamers whose courage and struggles deserve special honor. To have a book, sign or memento placed contact Guk.Sylestia or Butcherblock.Savvette via in game mail before the event, or just bring the book, sign or memento to the event.

    We will gladly accept new items to honor those already memorialized in the hall and greatly encourage mementos for those we have lost this past year. Not normally on the server? Just send Guk.Sylestia the text you want included on the sign/ book and we will get it placed for you.

    Pay it forward event:

    New to Guk? New to EQ2? We usually have more givers than takes but per usual we will have some fun and useful items to giveaway and crafters on hand being fabulous and helpful.

    WHEN: March 14th, 2015 - 3pm eastern
    Where: Lillipad Jungle Guild hall on Guk (and linked houses)

    We are real people. We are a community. We form bonds and lifelong friendships. When one of us struggles we all feel the struggle and when one of us is lost we all mourn. So come Hop It Forward... and pause to honor those who struggle, and those we have lost.

    Thanks Norrath!
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