{Rewind}...AB's only Low LvL Progression Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mothelm, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Skarltar Member

    Are you still recruiting? Also what classes are you currently looking for?
  2. mothelm Active Member

    Yupper Currently we need healers ...but we are not super picky at this level ...Please contact any member on Rewind or Look for Eixx =-)
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  3. Healous New Member

    I have a 28 Templar on AB. What levels are you looking for?
  4. mothelm Active Member

    we have to raid forces a 92 one for Drunder and DoV and a 70 one for KoS....we will happily bring you on for either or both =-)
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  5. Healous New Member

    That sounds a bit higher than my level. Do you have active members playing at lower levels as well?
  6. mothelm Active Member

    well we have a 70 raid most members are up there since level is super easy nowadays.....we would be happy to help you level if you like .....but we also do not rush anyone as well .....contact any member for more details or look for Eixx in game =-)
  7. mothelm Active Member

  8. Spectre Active Member

    Over a decade ago on Crushbone server we had Madcap, and on Spltpaw we had Stasis. Both ran their course. I had fun though. Good luck to Rewind
  9. Renog New Member

    Any website or such available?
  10. mothelm Active Member

    If you mean for Rewind ...No website however we do operate a discord with info and the basic guild structure can be found in the first post in this Thread....also feel free to contact any member for more info as well...Specifically you can look for Eixx Klair Dollah Ivolor or Zemper....all on Antonia Bayle also feel free to message me here as well

    Eixx...Founder of Rewind
  11. Renog New Member

    Yeah, I looked for anything about a website/discord before I made the post. I couldn't find any info on it.
  12. mothelm Active Member

    Sent you a message about getting into our discord

    Eixx...Founder of Rewind
  13. Raff Well-Known Member

    What type of healers are you looking for and what are your raid times?
  14. mothelm Active Member

    we wont be super picky but our list currently has warden and inquisitor ....
  15. mothelm Active Member

  16. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    Level 95 is now opened up.
  17. Hellmac New Member

    I'd like to return to game. Do you all have any raid needs? Caster? Tank? Healer?
    Thank you!
  18. mothelm Active Member

    Bards healers or Dps for our 4th group ...but we are pretty flexible =-)...Contact anyone from Rewind for more info =-)
  19. mothelm Active Member

  20. mothelm Active Member

    little push up the page :D