{Rewind}...AB's only Low LvL Progression Guild

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by mothelm, Jan 6, 2019.

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    you cant be any crazier then me and i could use a EQ2 Content/mechanics expert ....so yes please come on board ;)
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    Just a Little tap for Effect....:cool:
  3. Tommara Active Member

    What classes do you need and what are the rules? I've got some Stormhold toons that were moved to AB when DBG shut it down, which are not where my highest level toons are (and hence will never play another TLE server again), that I've been in the process of deleting, but have several left.

    And a friendly bump.
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    current lock is level 60 for DoF .....we are 1-2 weeks from opening KoS we have a lite rule set .....which in genral states that you should stick to gear from in expansion no MC fabled....a AA template set to expanions level is required for raids....most feature are aloud out of raid ....a goal post system for expansion advancement...DKP awards for HQ.hallmark, etc completion... a guild charter is on our discord.....please contact anyone from guild we would be happy to answer any questions you have
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    Just a little Tap :rolleyes:
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    Kingdom of Sky Now open.....with New Level Cap of 70....

    {Rewind}.....New friend Reliving Old adventures.......TLE on Our Terms.....Welcoming New, Returning, or Veterans of EQ2...

    Eixx....Leader and sometimes Fool of {Rewind}:cool:
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    Rewind sounds amazing!

    I'm basically a New Player when it comes to EQ2 so I'm headed over to Mangler. That said, I really love the idea of what Rewind is and really could have enjoyed an experience like that for jumping in.

    Happy adventuring!
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    we are alt friendly if you still want on board contact any of us =-)

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  14. Starless New Member

    Hi, I just started playing after a long hiatus. I'm thinking of playing on the new tle, depending on how it goes.

    How long would it take to catch up to kos? Starting fresh.
  15. mothelm Active Member

    well that depends if you want Pl can be less then 30 mins in live.....if you need practice with your toon few days .....after that you can gear spell etc along with rest of us .....if you are interested please contact someone in guild for details

    Eixx......leader of Rewind
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    Staying on the front page ...:cool:
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  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I sent some more this way and they weren't even looking for guilds, they were saying nobody groups, I suggested joining a guild and making friends.
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  20. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Interested in rolling a new toon on a new server.

    What classes are you in need of, i play just about everything but excel at healing and brigs