Revelations on Maj'Dul

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Neiloch, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Yards Well-Known Member

    Ishmel coming back from the dead ?
  2. Veta Well-Known Member

    ^ you forgot shadowknight too.

    Who is Ishmel?
  3. Neiloch Well-Known Member


    Summoner or Sorcerer
  4. Yards Well-Known Member

    Bump, where are all the sorcerers at.
  5. Veta Well-Known Member

  6. Ratitz Active Member

  7. Yards Well-Known Member

  8. Zindrik New Member

  9. Glojo New Member

    I'd only embarrass myself in front of Veta.

    PS Veta, plz in-game mail me @gloji.antoniabayle tnx
  10. Genghes Active Member

    Ouch, lost an entire group?
  11. Yoube Active Member

    So easy to assume things about which you know nothing....
  12. Genghes Active Member

    Salt much? :)
  13. Yoube Active Member

    Only in your wildest dreams...

    But on the other hand, thanks for the free publicity.

    Where are all the sorcerers at? Looking for a sorcerer to give Daray a run for his money :p
  14. Genghes Active Member

    Not sure that you got the reference, but anyway. Only int casters left are summoners and enchanted /shrug
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  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    Most guilds put their extras in g5. We put ours in g4 :p
  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    where are all the good brigs / beastlords at ?
  17. Zindrik New Member

  18. Yards Well-Known Member

    Bump for beast beastlord.
  19. Zindrik New Member

  20. Yards Well-Known Member

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