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    Revelations is an EST based hard core/end game raiding guild on the Maj'Dul server, we were originally formed in Oct. 2006 on Unrest.

    We raid to progress and kill things first. We desire like-minded players with the passion and availability to accomplish this.

    We currently have scheduled raids: Mon. - Thur. 8:30p - 12:00a EST / 5:30p - 9:00p PST

    Our goal is to be a top-end guild, taking down the toughest challenges available in game by doing it better and faster than the competition. We do all this while enjoying a relatively short raid week with weekends off. We pride ourselves on being professional, serious, and the best in our individual classes while having fun and enjoying the end game.

    If your class is not listed and feel you are an exceptional player, then please send us an application and we will review it asap!
    Check our website and/or the first reply in this thread for our current needs:
    Exceptional Players Only!

    Applicants should be able to make 100% of our raid schedule. if you cannot make at minimum 75%... do not apply!
    • No Drama
    • Max Level and AA Points
    • Know Your Role
    • Call list availability for contested
    Further information on our recruit process and requirements can be found here on our forums. Our rules & charter can be read here.
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    We like to perform trustfall exercises!
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    Bump, someone come be my illy.
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    Bump, his favorite buff is time compression
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