Returning Zerk after 6 years! Got some questions please.

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by tnilc516, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. tnilc516 New Member

    Hey guys and Gals. I have not played EQ2 in 6 years but thought I would give it a go while we are all social distancing (You all take care of yourselves!!) I have a few Questions.

    1. Im Level 90 with Fabled raid gear. Where do I need to start Leveling at? Best (does not have to be fastest) way to level?

    2. I see that Luclin is back!! YAY! Great memories from EQ1! If I purchase this expansion, will I get all the previous expansions with it?

    3. I see 2 new AA Class trees and Tradeskill trees now. What is the AA set up for Solo/Group DPS now a days? What Trees/Skills to focus on?

    4. Where is the best place to find information? Is it still EQ2 Wiki?

    Thanks Y'all !!
  2. dorotea Well-Known Member

    1. There are various signature lines in the 90-92 range - take a look at them in the wiki. If all you want is levels and don't mind monotony to get from 90 to 95 doing Crypt of Agony for 5 levels is actually faster, Then Vesspyr or Tranquil Seas at 95 for speed with Cobalt Scar a slower option.

    2. Yes. This does not include the premium races or classes.

    3. This is your only question that actually relates to the class - the others would have gotten faster replies in the two general forum sections by the way. They plan a major AA revision later this year by the way. I do not feel competent to give an opinion on the best lines for a zerker so I'll pass on this one.

    4. Yes but I do better with a general search e.g. "EQ2 signature lines". Normally I get the wiki but occasionally something else useful. Rely on nothing without an idea of when it was posted it could be totally outdated.
  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    The fastest way to level is buy the new expansion and /claim your free level 110 boost. This will make your character level 110 instantly without any grinding or running old content. Then maybe it takes 45 minutes or an hour to get to 120 while doing Luclin quests.
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