Returning Warden help

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Jasonis, Mar 14, 2021.

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    I recently returned. I leveled to 110 from 106 by finishing the Legacy of Power: Realm of the Plaguebringer Signiture Quest in Planes of Prophecy. Getting the feel back for the play, but not there yet. I was playing as a melee Warden (see below EQ2U spec). I play solo mainly, and use my Tank Merc when needed, due to RL obligations that require that I log out or AFK alot without advance notice.

    1. Is this build still generally good Warden Guide: ToT - Grenricks Guidance - Maj'Dul - Everquest 2 - Guild Hosting - Gamer Launch ? I have used it as a basic guide, modified a bit for solo play and my liking. If not, what has changed?

    2. I noticed my melee versions of some spells do much less damage than the casting version. Example is Icefall X (Expert) does much more damage than Icefall Strike (rank 5), Is using the melee versions still the way to go, for the wards, etc? Use both versions maybe?

    3. What stats are most important now, has this changed?

    4. Are the Gear Choices (item 10 in Mermut's guide linked above) still the priority?

    I am still trying to figure out how infusing works, anything to know here specific to Warden?

    I am currently working my way through finishing the Planes of Prophecy Timeline. I can solo most stuff, and use my Treasured Crusader Tank Mercenary, at Rank 13 when needed. Probably will not even need them as much once i get back into the swing of things I assume?

    I welcome all comments.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance and sugestions!