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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Nightime, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Nightime New Member

    Hi guys, I've just returned to the game and I've always enjoyed healing. I have a few healer alts, 95 Temp, 95 Defiler. 95 Warden and 100 Channeler. What is the best / most wanted healer class at the moment? I'd rather level up and complete the signature quests on a healer class that is most needed first. Then level the others as and when.

  2. Mhoramm Member

    Shamans are top dog atm with wards. Makes it easier to keep people up with one shots and such. I play a channeler and generally have no problem. From what I hear tho any class is viable if played well and decently geared. Make sure you get your potency up, grind tithe points and do your epic 2.0 and you should be ok.
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    I always give the same answer every time this question is asked ... it depends. Are you joining a guild? If so, what do they need? If they have a main shaman and a deep bench of wanna be main shamans, then shaman is a terrible choice. Do you plan to mainly PUG? If so, give up now. Just kidding ... sort of. In that case, a shaman might be a great choice. Do you have a friend or friends that you're going to play with? Then .... see where I'm going with this? It depends.

    A well played anything is always going to be in high demand. Find something you like, learn it, and play it well.
  4. wantacookie New Member

    From what Iv noticed all healers are good choices as long as they are played and geared well. People always seem to be looking for healers for groups, and don't necessarily demand a specific class very often. Shamans do seem to be at the top of the chain though.

    Druids have always been my favorite, I have a warden as my main and do well.