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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Honiax, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Ryonyx Member

    Your summary is pretty much spot-on... And as of this moment SK's are never Raid MT's. I think Guardian is it, then possibly a badass geared / played Paladin. Then Zerk / SK if they cant find even Alt Guardians that are willing to tank >.< It's a sad state of affairs imo. But yeah, from what I've experienced AND witnessed, SKs are the most "uber" group/soloing stuff tank, where as the other 3 fall into a sort of linear grade increasing to Raid effectiveness SK > Zerker > Paladin > Guardian... I'm currently on the TLE server Kaladim where gear and spells work a bit different than live, but i'm pretty sure it stands the same on that Scale.. On the TLE Zerker's just get freaking SMASHED... Like most that you see leveling up to 70 are actively ASKing in LFG to DPS instead of tank... Because thats how bad they are doing and literally cant STAND getting hit by more than 1 single mob at a time, unless of course you run 2 healers a Warder and Cleric or Druid.... It's just silly. But then Guardians on TLE are so painfully slow and do no damage, then you have the mad house SK and the really Strong Pally in between if either of them are geared they can basically just smash any content solo / with 1 healer/support..... Really silly situation tanks are in from my observations.
  2. Priority Active Member

    So, you literally just heal? Like, that's it? Just wow, you don't autoattack, you don't debuffs, you don't use any damage abilities, just heal because that's what healers do....

    You sound like the guy folks pick last for dodgeball
  3. Ryonyx Member

    Oh wow and they are 2 Hand tanking now as well? oooohhhh my god... Worse than I knew! this is crazy stuff! and hate has never been an issue... its about Survivability. Wow. Im astounded!
  4. Ryonyx Member

    Well when I'm bored I'll do random **** like that, but no for the most part I make sure i'm healing and keeping people alive. Have you ever played a Cleric from EQ1? Maybe look into it. You conserve your mana. You heal. You rez. You buff. The DPS and the Tanking can be easilly handled by THOSE CLASSES / ROLES...
  5. Priority Active Member

    Live and TLE aren't close in terms of class balance at all. Zerkers are easily the most used MT on live and have been since AoM at least. SK is probably 2nd, followed by Guard/Monk.
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  6. Priority Active Member

    I use a 2her because it's more dps and marginally less survivability than a shield. They didn't improve protection values on shields in BoL, so block chance went to crap.

    Hate has been an issue, in fact, the fighter rune was a direct response to agro being an issue because tanks weren't generating enough threat to hold on real T1 dps.

    Also, this isn't EQ, it's EQ2. Fantastically different game and mechanics. Maybe try helping your group kill stuff since dps is everybodies role, maybe to a lesser extent for some classes than others, but you should be doing something to help out.
  7. Ryonyx Member

    Everyone has their own opinions, but i agree Live and TLE are most likely vastly different when it comes to tanks and tanking mechanics... so i concede the point to you. I'm shocked to hear Zerkers Main Tanking primarily... Why is that? Just their Temp Cooldowns and AOE potential?...
  8. Priority Active Member

    They have similar defensive temps and their group/raid buffs are superior to Guards. Monks are amazing dps and very suited to a utility tank with bulwarks. SK can do the job, it just takes more coordination to support them in an MT spot. Paladins took a pretty sizable nerf in BoL. I'm not sure there are any left raiding in top 10 guilds. They also do less dps than an SK and don't offer great buffs for dps.

    Dps is and always has been the name of the game as the less time you're engaged with an encounter, the less scripts/bulwarks/helmet wearers messing simple things up you have to deal with. Granted, yes, a tank should make sure they live, but once theyre surviving, they should be pushing as much damage as they can. You can't taunt mobs to death anymore. You can't heal them to death, either
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  9. Ryonyx Member

    /End Thread

    But seriously didn't taunts actually deal damage? And there are some Healing Abilities that proc DD too! But yeah you about summed everything up nicely. Great understanding at this point. Thanks.
  10. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Monk/Bruiser makes a good showing in the raids, from what I remember. The ability to block without a shield is nice. But it might be some other thing, dodge maybe.
  11. Drona Well-Known Member

    This is the key thing most people miss, a dead mob is the best mob and the best way to do that is to bring maximum DPS, this was true back in 2004 and its still true now in 2020. Once a tank, healer and even buffer is fulling their primary role, they should focus on their secondary role as well which is to supply DPS.
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  12. Ryonyx Member

    Ok well once you put it so succinctly, I cant argue with that!!!
  13. doit Member

    So for a heroic SK, with changes to stats and our spells and procs and removal of damage from taunts

    1) best to just cast fast casting stuff to proc instead of long ascensions? ( no longer proc off melee)
    2) worth to reforge out of ability mod and increase weapon melee like DPS/Multi/flurry etc?

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