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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Honiax, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Agulo Member

    Semper is right, the comment was tongue-in-cheek. I haven't run def stance, prob since KoS.
  2. Agulo Member

    \aITEM 1719969782 -2057040035:Maintained Voidpiercer's Insight\/a

    Insight's, Coatings, and Injectors are what you want. Coatings for HP on waist/wrists, then combo of insight and injectors go on armor, weapons, fingers and cloak.
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  3. Ryonyx Member

    It's silly the state of affairs this game and its mechanics / Class systems has turned into these days... I don't get how supposedly "the best tank" aka Guardian is almost useless as opposed to SK's and other LOLDPSTANKS in 99% of content LOL. Wish there was more Pure Tanking and Healing Options that didn't severely handicap you from 99% of other content. Healers DPSing? **Having to DPS** ??? LOL
  4. Priority Active Member

    Many healers don't dps, the fact there are ppl in the game still that feel healers/tanks shouldn't do every bit of dps they can while still performing their main roles is beyond me. Do you enjoy enemies taking longer to kill because you're bad?
  5. Drona Well-Known Member

    Guardian are useless for 99% of the content? You must be playing the wrong game then. They are still one of the best defensive tank and can dish out some great DPS as well if the player knows what they are doing.
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  6. Ryonyx Member

    No... If im playing a Healer im trying to play smart and position myself and my buffs properly while healing and keeping people alive and watching buff/debuff timers etc... i dont wanna stand in melee range and try to do DPS and Heal at the same time when DPS can handle their job.... I'll handle mine... Same with tanking.
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  7. Drona Well-Known Member

    How you play your class is determined by the content. Some mobs don't hit hard so the "efficient" thing for the healer and tank is to dps the mob. You don't have to do that and you can still "tank" or "heal" if you like. Its choice you make as to how you play your class for a given content and that is great game design not "It's silly the state of affairs this game" as you initially claimed.
  8. Bludd Well-Known Member

    what is pure tanking?
  9. Priority Active Member

    That's interesting, I handle my job as a tank just fine and typically outparse the T1 dps and i do everything in my power to make the healer heal less. If you're gonna be a slacker and NOT dps tho, I'll make your life hell. Then, when the group is dying, I can point out that you failed cuz it's your "job" to keep us alive.
  10. Ryonyx Member

    The difference between tanking and healing is huge. Obviously Part of taking REQUIRES you to "DPS" As it directly causes hate and for you to hold aggro. So have fun spamming your "normal"rotation... as a healer, sure pull as much as you can. The challenge/ difficulty to make me sweat on my healing capabilities is something I loved in many expacs like kunark and SF. But like the other poster claimed to "min/max" as a healer to "help" dpa is silly gameplay mechanic. A couple healers should have the option ifv they want kind of like how Furies always had that ability... but I'd rather more challenging content where I need to be spam healing, timing cures, timing group heals after AoEs pop, Proper buffage and timing of life saving spells/ abilities, e.t.c, e.t.c... if I'm gonna be melee'ing then I'll roll a scout or tank, tyvm! I played Warden back when and I felt they ruined that by turning it into such a heavy "dps" melee required class. I feel most if not all tanks should somehow also be viable in MTing hard content. But really only Guards are used for that and they aren't used in much else due to "MIN/MAXXING" e.t.c... why take a Guard in LFG over SK
    for much else other than raid content???
  11. Drona Well-Known Member

    Guards can gear for DPS as well if they want at the cost of defensive stats.

    Once you gear up, all the content become easy yet we have to run them again for various reasons ...
  12. Priority Active Member

    Very few guilds have a guard, mostly because other tanks do the job and offer better buffs and dps. Not doing dps while you have nothing to heal is a disservice to the ppl you're playing with regardless of what you think a healer should be doing. Reforging properly, using autoattack, and actually facing the mob are better than most healers manage to do right now. You seem to think top guilds healers aren't doing dps, I guarantee you they are and that's why certain folks struggle to kill the simplest content.
  13. Ryonyx Member

    Content that isn't being cleared is not due to healers not dpsing lol... that's silly.... and I always faced away from the mob and stand at range. I've always healed primarily and learned the ways. But thanks.
  14. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If you are raiding, it definitely helps if the healers do as much DPS as they can without cutting into their primary responsibilities of healing, curing, and death-saving. Many of the healers also have other utility, with good buffs/debuffs, warden trees, and the like. We do expect that they'll be using those things at the appropriate times as well.

    Healing is not my favorite archetype personally, but when I do play a healer, I prebuff if I have buffs, then do whatever I need to to get the fight stable, then throw any debuffs I have, heal/cure, DPS/buff, heal/cure, debuff, DPS/buff, heal/cure, etc.

    I'm kinda loving the channeler, because a number of your attacks are also heals, so it's easier to combine those activities.
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  15. Priority Active Member

    You actively face away from the mob? Wow
  16. Priority Active Member

    You sound like a really reliable source of information on all things combat related, please tell us more of your tips and tricks
  17. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Getting back to SK, the heals of SK have helped mine to grab aggro back from better geared DPS in PUG groups, back in KA. Aggro was weird back then though. I remember redoing AA's to add damage to hate skills. I'd never had to do that before and spent the AA on more defenses since my AoE's were good enough to DPS previously. And because the one minor flaw of SK is that he's a bit squishier than other tanks (notably my Zerker is way tougher in the same gear). Ultimately, I decided that tanking wasn't what I wanted to do in groups, other than the most casual groups in T1 heroics. I love my SK though, and he always makes content a bit easier than my other alts. I used to always play him first through any signature quest. It's a great class. But it's tough to get a raid spot as an SK tank, or it was in my memory, I don't know about now.

    Any raiding SK want to contribute how to toughen up to qualify for that? I"d love to hear about it, even if it should be a new thread.
  18. Priority Active Member

    Coordinate temps with your healers, reforge your gear correctly, make sure you know what all your abilities do.

    It really shouldn't be too bad holding agro as long as your potency is similar to the T1s as threat from taunts/hateful respite/grave sac do a great job of making up for gear issues. That opens you up to more mitigation based gear as you can afford to take a dps hit for more survivability.

    Unless they fix block, it's pretty useless for plate tanks, so get the 10 ADC adorn from Karl for your 2her.
  19. Ryonyx Member

    Yeah actually... Often times on big pulls / boss fights / raids... Aren't there tons of abilities that dace/stun/fear you if you're facing the Mob??? Maybe I picked this up from WoW content, but idk... It just turned into a sort of habit, as long as it doesn't affect me seeing whats going on with the group / tank positioning and other ground AOEs... Usually it works out fine.
  20. Ryonyx Member

    What else would you like to know? I'm an open book. And I love hearing counter points or constructive criticism.... Not just some panzy spouting BS. Hit me with what you got.

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