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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Toxicmoon, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Returning player from 2015. I just caught up to level cap last night on my SK, yay!

    Things have changed greatly, lot of added stats to the game. I love playing the tank role and would like to prepare for groups.

    Could you guys recommend to a returning player the state priority I should go for on my SK for tanking? I know some prefer a little DPS mixed in there but I don't think twice about DPS I prefer to be meaty as possible to make life easier for the group.

    In days past I'd go with Master crafted gear, later Void shard gear, then after an expansion Rep gear. I noticed in the Solo instance area they had gear for 2500p each and a bunch of Rep. Upon research their are claims that "infused" (whatever that means) Master Craft gear is better.

    If that's the case, that works for me. I don't mind harvesting for rares and finding someone to help on the crafting bit. What would be the best zone too harvest?

    There anything I need to work on that i'm not aware of? I just got Ethereal spells last night. I read some where about leveling up Epic weapon and Merc but I've been gone to long to understand as mine always levels with me and I have already completed that quest the old fashioned way back in the day, unless there is a new one?

    Here is my SK

    Sorry for the plethora of questions, been a few years and want to play catch up. I'm totally happy that there are solo instances. The last time I played everyone had already done the VP rep grinds and I was forced to buy loot rights and play alts because everyone was done and burnt out of that grind. This new system looks like it can work!

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    I suggest you change your AAs. You die a lot. Try kindled on Skyfire. Use current one. It's linked on my alts tab on Azona account. It's a fairly good set up for soloing.
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  4. Raff Well-Known Member

    Your health, resolve & potency are way to low. Current tanks for T1/T2 have 180-200 million + Health, 80 million + Potency & 1700 or so resolve. Looks like you have only the beginning chest gear. Only thing that is good in that chest is removing the adorns to put on better armor. Craft or buy refined MC gear then take it to visionary as far as it can go. Plat infuse everything & use physical infusers. Craft MC weapons to break down so you can planar infuse your weapons.

    If you want to group, you really need to find a guild that is willing to help you. Your current build armor set up is not ready for grouping in the current xpac. As a solo player, it is a real slog to get to T1/T2 ready status.
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Look at Toxicmoon on DragonsArmory. Hovering over any stat will tell you what that stat does, and what the soft/hard caps (if any) are. Clicking a stat shows you exactly which pieces of gear have that stat, which is really handy while Reforging. Stats that are over the soft cap are highlighted in yellow, over the hard cap are red.

    The stats a tank needs are Strength and Stamina. You want lots of Health.

    Defensively, you need as much Mitigation as you can get. Don't neglect your resists for Arcane, Elemental, and Noxious. You also want Avoidance and Block Chance.

    Offensively, you want Fervor > Crit Bonus > Potency > AB Mod. Once you get your Resolve (see below) you need a minimum of 65K Potency to be effective in Heroics. Next concentrate on Fervor and Crit Bonus.

    Reuse Speed and Recovery Speed s/b around 100%. Hate Mod is great for a tank. Somehow you have a huge NEGATIVE amount of hate mod, which is bad for a tank.

    Autoattack stats aren't as important, having Accuracy and Strikethrough around 100% is good, then as you can use Haste, Multi-Attack, Weapon Dmg Bonus, DPS Mod, and AoE.

    Head to Sundered Frontier. Near the Wizard's Spire is a panda, Yun'Zi, and he has some very simple exploration quests for you. Do them all! His sidekick, Pas'Yu, will sell you (for zero copper) some very nice adorns. You want the white "Greater Rune" sets, and the "Power of the Planes" cyan adorns.

    In Chaos Descending, folks go first to Tishan's Lockbox in Myrist. What's not immediately obvious is that you can get several of one piece of armor out of that box and take the adornments off it to use elsewhere. Fill all your adorn slots. Pick up a weapon and nab the blue rune! You can put it on your shield if you don't want to replace your other weapons.

    There are a lot of specific orange, green, and blue adorns you will want.

    • Solo encounters have no resolve requirements
    • Heroic Tier 1: 1050
    • Heroic Tier 2: 1260
    • Raid Tier 1: 1310
    If you don't meet the Resolve requirements for the type of zone you are in, your effectiveness doing anything drops like a rock. Chaos Descending Signature Quest Line (which opens the Solos), Solo instances, and questing in the overland zones don't need Resolve.

    You will definitely be harvesting a lot this expansion, so that's very good! I find Vegarlson and Doomfire overlands easiest to harvest. There is gear you can get that will help your harvesting.

    You'll want to use the Nail adornments for your harvesting clothes. You can use level 95 chest, pants, and boots from Sleeper's Tomb (which you should be able to solo, also often available on the broker) as harvesting clothes because they have two white slots, which lets you get in extra Nails. You want Nail of Harvests (5% Bountiful Harvest), Celestial Nail of Harvests (5.5% Bountiful Harvest), or Mischievous Nail of Harvests (6% Bountiful Harvest). Bountiful Harvest means you harvest twice on a pull.

    Your Tradeskill Prestige AA set up for Refining, which is excellent. Shift the Far Seas Tradeskill tree to max out Mass Refining because you are going to want a bunch of refined rares. Making the gear from refined rares adds to its base stats. You will need two rares per mastercrafted item. Golden Fleck (armor, primary, secondary), Arborian Wedge (bow), Azure Sapphire (jewelry).

    You'll want to Experiment on the MC gear. I recommend three experimentations for added Potency and two for added Stamina per piece of gear. Elsewhere you may see stuff about reforging your MC into insane amounts of Potency: that was a bug and they've fixed it now.

    Gear Infusing
    Equipment Infusing is necessary. The wiki page I linked has everything you need to know about it. Infuse every piece of gear as much as you can.

    You definitely will want to reforge gear you get, in order to shift stats from stuff that's overcap or that you don't need to a stat you need more.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Epic 2.0 and Epic 2.0 Spells
    It's not necessary to do the Epic 2.0 quest (unless you just want to). Once you've done the CD Sig Line, you will be given the two Epic 2.0 spells. To upgrade these spells, you'll need Planar Energy Fragments (Lesser, Superior, and Greater).

    Planar Energy Fragments are obtained as uncommon drops from doing the PQ in Obulus Frontier near Twark (which you may be able to solo). Otherwise, you need to go ahead and do the Planes of Prophecy Tradeskill Sig Line (at least enough to get to 110 -- it's insanely fast-- although it's worth completing for the rewards), then the CD Tradeskill Sig Line (pretty short and easy), then the Anchorage quests. You can do the four little Anchorage harvesting/crafting missions once every hour if you want, and they have a chance to reward Fragments of Planar Energy.

    Ascension Spells
    Probably by now you have learned about Ascension spells. You are given the spells at Apprentice level. Upgrades of Ascension spells can be crafted or researched by scholars. You can't skip spell levels, you have to scribe them in order:
    • Sage can craft Elementalist and Etherealist spells
    • Jeweler can craft Geomancer spells
    • Alchemist can craft Thaumaturgist spells
    • Journeyman: 1 Planar Energy (these are uncommon harvests, the icon looks like a blue tornado).
    • Adept: Illegible Scroll Page: spellname (Adept) and a Planar Energy.

    • Expert: 2 rares (Sage uses Casiun Root) and a Planar Energy.

    • Master: Illegible Scroll Page: spellname (Master) and a Planar Energy.

    • Grandmaster: either a Celestial Foundation or Celestial Spellshard (these are rare harvests) and a Planar Energy.
    Illegible Scroll Pages can sometimes be purchased on the broker. Ancient and Celestial scroll pages also exist and can be crafted.
    IMHO, I'd work on getting the easily-crafted ones, then use the Research tab in your Knowledge Book and wait out the time for the research to upgrade the higher levels.
    Leveling Planar Weapons
    Certain weapons can gain Planar levels and thus greatly improve their stats. Look at your shield... see how it says, "Gains experience as Planar Essences are imbued into the item. Each Planar Level increases the base Ability Modifier, Potency, and Primary Attributes by 5%"? That's an item that can be imbued to higher Planar Levels.

    You need to be level 110 and do a quest, Conservation of Planar Energy from Brehita the Weaponbreaker in the Coliseum of Valor, across from the banker and by a big floating red glyph. This gives you the ability to break planar weapons to make Planar Weapons Essences (PoP) or Greater Planar Weapons Essences (CD). It takes 500 Greater Planar Weapons Essences to level a weapon from Planar Level 0 to Planar level 10.

    You can break mastercrafted CD weapons for Greater Planar Weapons Essences. Since it takes 2 rares to make mastercrafted, you need 1,000 rares. You do NOT need to refine them. You'll need to hire a weaponsmith to make the weapons for you (edged weapon, mace, satchel from Golden Fleck, Arborian Wedge, and Needlescale Hide) and a jeweler (symbols from Azure Sapphire).

    Mount and Mercenary Training
    Your Mount and Mercenary can both be "trained" to open slots for equipment you can put on the mount and/or merc.

    Open your character window and go to the Mercenary tab. Summon a merc if needed. Click the button with the icon of a man silhouetted against a blue glow to open the merc's equipment window. Click the Start Training button. As slots open, add gear to your mercenary.

    For the mount, you need to be in a space where you can summon a mount. In your Character window, go to the Mounts tab, click the button with a saddle in front of a blue glow to open the Mount's equipment window. It works just like merc training.

    Mount gear is made from a dropped pattern item and a recipe. If you are doing the Anchorage missions, you will quickly accumulate all the mount gear recipes. Mount gear patterns with adventuring stats only drops in adventuring zones. Also may be found on the broker.

    Every summer, we have a Summer Ethereal Event, which usually consists of people running a lot of heroics over and over, so you probably will have a good shot at running a bunch of heroics. The Ethereal rewards are really nice.
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  8. doit Member

    Is it worth it to upgrade Epic 2.0 spell pet to ancient or rather upgrading other ascension DPS first?
    How much of parse does this pet do?
    Is it like the ranger pet hawk that does a good chunk of rangers dps?
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  9. Tupperbeast Active Member

    First Pet helps you too, Ascension is a other Thing not really expensive to upgrade some LVLS. But other storry Tank have the Job hold aggro you dont Need really many DPS to do it, work better on your Specials use Bulwark to the Right Time and bring Pot CB Fervor Mitigation and Block on a good value.
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