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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Sleet, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Sleet New Member


    Wife and I decided to come back after burning out on Rift. We are looking for any active guild willing to accept newbs. We leveled a SK and Warden to 90 a few years ago before leaving, but will most likely be rerolling casters to relearn game. In all our gaming history we have always ended up in serious raid guilds. But being night time players out of Hawaii we end up hanging out with Aussies and other fellow crackheads, ROOT. Looking to enjoy ourselves until EQ Next comes out so please get back to me if your times match. Transfering servers is not an issue for us.

    Sleets - Antonio Bayle
    Kylarh - Freeport
  2. Zortuko New Member

    Hey there, my guild is on Oasis and just starting out. we don't have many members yet but we are only 2 weeks old. We are currently up to level 29 and about to purchase our guild hall. I am EST, but one of my officers lives in Aus so between the 2 of us we are always online. Just a thought!!! If interested get in touch in game or on our website at
  3. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    I suggest on your peak play time you hit U and see who recruiting....then type /who all guildname to see how many people are on in that guild that you might be interested in. this will show who is online and their levels, minues anonymous members ofcourse

    so guild is Metalocalypse so you could type /who all metalocalypse and a list will pop up of those people belonging to the guild

    You ave to pay attention when a common name is in the title though liek if you were to type /who all knights who say ni it might show up other guilds members that have knights in the name ;)
  4. Sleet New Member

    Aye thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this was the first thing I did on 3 servers so far. Freeport, AB, and Unrest. it looks like unrest has 1 option, Southern Cross, that meets our times as well as being newb friendly. A little discouraging though tbh. One guild out of the 2 most popular servers and Unrest which was known to host aussies based guilds.

    Zortuko, thank you very much for your offer. I will log into Oasis tonight after work to look around, hopefully see you there =)