Returning player wondering what the new raid makeup looks like.

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  1. Sartock New Member

    I haven't played in a couple of years, so I was wondering what the new typical raid layout looks like.

    I have a number of fully geared 92's back from the DoV days, so was more curious on which ones I should focus on getting to 100 and gearing right away. Was also kind of curious about the new channeler class. I remember them just releasing it, but never got around to playing one, and no one I know of was raiding with one when they were released.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Sartock New Member

    I was thinking about it, but that could have been the CoE xpac the channeler was released as well as the 92 unlock. I really don't remember, but just thought I would clarify it so I didn't look like a complete ignoramus. I do that enough every day all on my own without needing to help myself along, even more. ;)
  3. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    my raid makeup looks more like captain spaulding... with runnier mascara
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  4. Sartock New Member

    You must buy the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart then :rolleyes:
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  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    It's going to totally depend upon the needs of the guild you want to join. I'd say figure out who you want to raid with, then boost the toon that they need most.

    One key point to what I just said is the "toon," not the "toons." You're probably only going to be able to fully develop one toon. Sure the gear is important, but getting your deity points up, getting through the KA signature line (and pre-requisites), and starting to work on your Epic 2.0 is going to eat up a LOT of time.
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  6. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    He is wrong, it will eat up LOTS of LOTS of time! *giggles maliciously as I slip into the shadows*
  7. Billzbub Active Member

    I mostly agree with what was said here. Find a group you want to raid with and ask them what they need. Then, ask for help getting your toon up to speed as it is not obviously in-game exactly what the path is to be ready for KA heroics and raiding.

    If you care more about the toon and less about the group you join, then here's some advice that may or may not be wrong for selecting a toon to raid with.

    Don't make a tank because almost every raid force has all the tanks they need. If you want to tank for a raid force, contact them first and see which kind of tank they want, and then work with them closely to get you up to speed so they have confidence that you will do a good job.

    Any kind of healer is welcome in most raid forces.

    Scouts are a mixed bag. They keep changing various mechanics in this expansion, so what is true today may not be true tomorrow. If you are aiming for some elite raiding, then find out from elite raiders if scouts are **** or not. Otherwise, any scout is pretty good. Being a ranger is a little tough, though, because you have no utility whatsoever except for your damage, so you better put out some damn good damage to pull your weight. Otherwise, it would be better for the raid force to have just about any other scout class.

    As for mages, I don't know enough about them to say whether you should gravitate toward or away from any one class. I've read that warlocks are kind of **** right now, but I can't confirm that, and that may have changed with all the mechanics changes going on this week. I think troubies are in pretty high demand right now.

    The forum community can have a great time agreeing with or arguing with me on all this, and hopefully the discussion will give you what you need.

    Oh, and you should know that there is a time gate mechanic that makes it impossible to progress faster than a certain rate. If you have the time, I would get the three or four characters you are most likely to raid with up to level 100 immediately and start getting them one ascension scroll per day. Just log in each day, pick up the scroll from the NPC, and log out. Later on, you won't be crying over all the missed days of ascension exps you could have had if you had known this. I'm not sure if there are prerequisites before the ascension trainers will give you a scroll, but there might be. If so, then nevermind and focus on one toon.
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  8. Tsurupettan Active Member

    Scouts are fine, but if you're a scout without ethereals, you are going to have to work harder to compete than other classes. Probably less so for bards because you can still make a great VC with ascension abilities, regardless of having ravaging.
  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I wanted to talk about Cannelers because you asked
    This is a healer class , that uses arrows and a bow , they use wisdom and have a rock pet , that hits a little but mostly is a meat shield ahmmm a rock shield the pet goes down to 0 protection , but will not die.
    There are great arguments about how good or bad this class is , but I know one thing for shure , its a royal pain to get them leveled up at the beginning.
    I have heard mixed messages about how good their healing is I guess a lot depends on the built.
    you have to get essences from creatures to improve your rock pet it kind of works like with a beast lords pet
    you also have to partially control your pet similarly to a beastlord .
    I think I gave you sort of an idea , but I am shure other people can give you more info on this.
  10. Sartock New Member

    Thanks for all the responses everyone.

    It's been some invaluable advice.

    Finally decided to try said Channeler. Seems to be interesting. I find Barrage is a huge power hog, but I haven't bothered twinking the toon either, and I'm just taking my time leveling. I can see it being a good toon for farming stuff once I can get its icpr high enough with gear and levels.

    Not sure about the healing yet though either. I'm assuming it won' be great till end game with enough casting speed and such, and decent gear/adorns/AA spec etc.etc. For keeping myself alive though its easy enough, but a group like I said I have no idea.
  11. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Here is more rude definition what been looked for
    As many folks said before - tanks pretty much settled if you want to get in the ranks with yours ... good luck getting your resolve above 350 to start with
    Mages - its semi hard to say but - from what I see in DPS area they are way behind scouts DPS. Some mages are comes worst than others. Warlocks are FUBAR atm. Conj, Necro, Wizard are ok but not top of the food chain. Coercer is seems having a bit edge of illusionist nowadays because of ability mana drain (which is crucial in this x-pack)
    Scouts - well I did not seen much problem with any of them atm
    Healers - defiler and inquisitor are top dogs here

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