Returning player with a few questions.

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Aviya, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Aviya New Member

    I haven't played since 2008/09. I just have a few questions to help me try to get back into the game. I am only lol 100 channeler and f2p atm (will sub next month maybe).

    1.) What is Fervor?
    2.) What is resolve?
    3.) Are channeler a good healer to play? Do they bring anything special to the table?
    4.) I am interested in raids, do people still raid on traditional server? If so, am I ok to join at lvl 100?
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  2. Ra'Gruzgob Well-Known Member

    Duckduckgo says: "Fervor, previously known as Final Ability Damage, is another multiplier applied after all other calculations have been made. Fervor multiplies damage/healing/etc after all other calculations. For example, if your spell would normally hit a target for 1,000 damage, after applying a fervor of 10%, it would hit for 1,100". Your toon says: "Your abilities will increase by 1.0% after all other modifiers have been applied"
    Your toon says: "In PvE combat, if your Resolve is less than your targets Resolve you will deal percent less damage and reccive percent more damage equal to the difference in the resolve values"
    4.) y
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  3. Twisty Active Member

    3) channelers are an odd healer. they're a little harder to play well than other healers, so fewer people play them. further, it's not a linear scale - a slightly poorly played channeler is significantly worse than a slightly poorly played other healers. that said what they bring to the table healing-wise is super valuable as long as it's in the right hands because it stacks with all other healing. the downside is that they have absolutely no dps buffs whereas most other healers do, which is a major problem this xpac because "extreme" healing fights where they'd shine have been non-existent up until a month ago.

    4) if by traditional server you mean live, then no, only real raiding is at max level which is 110. there might be a random level-locked guild at 100, but finding that will take you 10x longer than leveling to 110
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