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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Nocturnus, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. Nocturnus Member

    Hello there!

    Played the game from launch all the way until Tears of Veeshan, and now i'm back! Or... well, i've been back since Frostfell. Regardless, i'm having a great time :)

    After soloing for a bit, though... I'm realizing that EQ2 is still a game best experienced with other people, and i'd really not solo my way through the boatload of content and story that i've yet to experience. Instead of boosting to just jump straight into the end-game, I want to actually *see* the storylines, zones, and instances i've missed along the way, and with other people.

    Because of that, i'm want to find a guild that might not only help me fill the gap socially, but also come along for the ride as I progress through the game content i've missed out on (and hopefully without one-shotting stuff. I'm in it for the journey, not to "make it easy" ;) )

    North American servers preferred, and i'm willing to roll wherever this guild ends up being.

    Lemme know if you know of something that might fit!
  2. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you might have enjoyed the TLE experience more than the Live one. Going to be turbulent waters finding more that are in line with what you want to accomplish on the Live Servers.

    Just food for thought.
  3. Nocturnus Member

    It is definitely something I considered, but haven't been sold on. I love a lot of the earlier content, but most of the stuff I haven't seen is from Terrors of Thalumbra forward. Most TLE servers don't seem to make it passed Shadow Odyssey before going poof, at least from what I've read.
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  4. Aggy Member

    If you were on the same server as me I would group to do stuff with you. Sadly I am on Maj'Dul. But I took a break shortly after level cap was 95 and just got back into game before Thanksgiving last year. Would love to explore more of the zones and content I missed from being away :oops:
  5. Nocturnus Member

    That's the goal! And i'm willing to roll somewhere other than where my signature lists if the group is a good fit :) That thing is ooooold.
  6. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    Rewind, on AB server, is doing lvl 100 content right now. they are a very casual progression raiding guild with a light rule set, which might be right up your alley. They do HQ's, heroics, they whole 9 yards. They don't do anything past what they are currently focusing. Might want to contact them.
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