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    Yes, another returning player thread. Over used topic title i know
    I used to play EQ2 back in 04/05? i think. It was my first MMO and i loved it. Since then i have tried every single MMO possible. After 8 years i have come to the conclusion that nothing out there beats Everquest 2 (in my opinion) so i am back where i never should have left. Even though the graphics are dated the gameplay and overall depth of the game are unmatched in over 8 years.
    So after countless attempts in Aion, Rift, Tera, GW2, Vanguard, WoW, Warhammer, Lotro and any other MMO's i have forgotten, i have never been able to capture that sense of amazement and enjoyment like i had when i started playing EQ2.
    So i am back and hope to stay here until EQ3
    Currently i have some characters on Butcherock? i think it is called. I am just wondering is that a decent server or should i look to be moving to Antonyia Bayle or another server? Mind you AB was my original server so i dont know why my characters are no longer there but oh well.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. ARCHIVED-rnew1983 Guest

    Oh and just to add. I will be rerolling if that affects what server i should be choosing.
  3. ARCHIVED-crazyeyes321 Guest

    2 days late so you are probably set by now. Butcherblock seems to be about average in terms of server population. Not as big as the freeport and Antonia server, but its large enough at end game. If you plan on finding groups for lower level content you may try the other servers, as there really isnt much grouping at the low end, and if you get a group it will probably contain overgeared alts that would trivialize the game anyhow. Although, to be honest, if you get a merc you can do the game by yourself, and it is pretty much trivialized as well.

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