Returning Player Question - how to get gear I can use?

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks, and New Player Questions' started by ARCHIVED-TheRealBritz, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-TheRealBritz Guest

    Hey there
    Quit a little over a year ago, was fully fabled raid geared. I'm not 100% sure I want to sub again and thought I'd give it a couple of weeks playing FTP to see if it sucked me back in.
    Huge problem though, can't use any of my gear I'm 92, so what's the fastest way to get some semi decent gear I can equip whilst FTP?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. ARCHIVED-crazyeyes321 Guest

    I think you are pretty much stuck paying for either unlocks or the account at lvl 92. There might be handcrafted lvl 90 armor, or perhaps there will be with the coming expansion if there isn't, but in all honesty that gear would be terrible in comparison and extremely frustrating.
    Im not even sure if treasured equipment really drops up at the end game, I dont pay it any mind if it does. Quest rewards and drops all tend to be legendary/fabled at endgame, by design of course.
    If you are trying to see if you might be interested and want to not pay, you might want to consider making yet another alt.
  3. ARCHIVED-TheRealBritz Guest

    Thanks for the fast response. Yeah, it's already proving frustrating. There is some mastercrafted stuff I could buy on the broker, BUT I can't access my plat. I'm not even sure if I could wear it as info on the official site is lacking.

    It's beyond me at this point why anyone would play this at FTP unless they never left Darklight Wood :s

    Oh well, guess I'll be uninstalling again =/
  4. ARCHIVED-Properman Guest

    Actually Im also a returning player who is playing FTP till I decide if I want to pay, been gone a bit longer than you I guess. Just started in Sundered Frontier and Im having a good time even though Im running around in my lvl 72 mastercrafted items. Staying alive while doing quests isnt to hard at this level and so far Im having a blast. :)
    I agree that at this time not being able to hold more than 18 plat makes buying things very hard. So far when I hit the limit Ive just gone to the broker and spent it all on shinies, but this isnt going to work once I get higher and will have to make a decision soon about re subing.
    I guess more than anything else it depends on what you want to do, at 92 there probably isnt that many quests to do, so your only option is to make an alt to see if you can get back into it.

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