=( Returning Player, New Xpak...pain and suffering.

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  1. swordbane New Member

    might be the weapons my combat arts do damage like always but my weapons damage is bugged.... but black anvil or molten are like 10k procs now
  2. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    So they launch a new expac broken right out of the gate and will leave it broken for two days before fixing it?

    Holy crap guys, in what reality is this considered even remotely acceptable? Aren't you even the slightest bit embarrassed? You should be. This is why whenever the name EQ2 happens to pop up across my social media that people are legitimately surprised that this game is still even running. Daybreak's reputation is utterly abyssal and this is why.
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  3. Azian Well-Known Member

    Where did they say that having ToT sig line gear was the baseline? That would be horrible. I run a toon for a few days in an expac and leave it alone for a year and expect it to breeze through the NEXT expac sig line? Gear has progressed a huge amount past the ToT sig stuff.

    New expansions always ramp up the difficulty. I suspect that people who are clinging to the resolve change Kander mentioned are going to be sorely disappointed if they are wearing the most rudimentary gear from the ToT still. I'm not saying this to be a jerk, just stating reality
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  4. Drusi_EQ2 Well-Known Member

    Of course it's going to be much easier for you. You have 7k potency and heroic equipment. Most *solo* players don't have anywhere near that level of potency and are not wearing *any* heroic equipment. And it's not because they're wearing crap equipment. They are either wearing the equipment from the ToT signature and what has dropped from the advanced solo dungeons or they are wearing whatever came out of the KA character boost crate that was supposed to be sufficient for starting the KA quests.

    Now these same players are suddenly going from a super-easy advanced solo ToT experience to taking 10 minutes on the very first trash mob they encounter in KA. That's not a smooth solo to solo progression and 10 minutes more than "a bit" tough. Nothing ever took that long at the start of AoM or ToT. People also shouldn't be required to buy all of their KA upgrades on a broker just to start the signature either. Where's the fun of actually getting upgrades while questing if they already bought all the better stuff?

    Thank goodness the devs have discovered there is a bug and will be fixing it before we have even more of a swarm of heroic and raid equipped players coming in and informing solo equipped players that they just need to "get gud" and stop whining to enjoy solo content.

    In the meantime, I'll just make sure I have my book on-hand while making more progress with the quests tonight. :)
  5. Theodorn New Member

    A solo player is not going to have 7k potency,2 to 3k max is about best solo players can get(Not everyone buys raid gear for stupid amounts)
    Not everyone is going to be able to get the merc(merc should be help not must have)
    This just shows the big divide between the play styles and keeps getting bigger making balancing the game for all play styles even harder
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  6. Razadazar New Member

    Yeah. After reading this post I went back to the cave entrance in KA to observe some toons zoning in and fighting the opening mobs. Sure enough, there was a Fury with Kenny merc, and it looked like she was in for a 5 min fight . Watched her for a minute or two , then stepped in and killed her quest mob in 10 seconds. Helped her kill a few more.

    Then I inspected her. She was wearing all boosted gear from a toon that she probably just rolled and boosted to level 100. Not even one piece of handcrafted or ToT gear. So these are the people crying for nerfs and getting slapped around by the overland solo mobs in KA. It's gear, and their lack of it. Not a "bug".
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  7. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Is this going to be a time where a player is right and a developer of the game is wrong? :) That don't happen very often! :p
  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    Isle of Refuge server can get a solo player geared up pretty well. Since there is no SLR or heirloom (for the most part), broker prices are / can be fairly reasonable. Of course, you'll need to be subbed to access the server. And don't forget the mushroom vendor in ToT.

    That said, solo players are always going to be gear deficient compared to those that play in groups or raids. EQ2 is group based game that has quite a few solo opportunities. But you'll never get the same opportunities for gear upgrades that groups do.

    If you want that, find an active guild or regular group. But don't expect the game to cater equally to your solo needs.
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  9. Razadazar New Member

    This was always going to be the hardest of e xpacs for the Devs to balance. Because u have players that went all the way through Tot,Zek , summer ethereals etc. And then u have the other half of the players who "just came back" for Kunark, or are "solo" only players .

    Nothing wrong with buying some gear off the broker to get u started . I bought full sets of player made armor off the broker before I started ToT sig line, because the ToT handcrafted was so much better than any previous gear. Now we have the same situation. That boosted level 100 gear was just the bare minimum to get u started in ToT as a reward for pre ordering KA.

    That 's why the Devs just had a month long gear up event . To get returning players caught up. The boosted gear was never intended to carry u through the solo KA quest line. If u are wearing that , u honestly need to hit the broker and get some KA handcrafted. Or continue to struggle....
  10. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    You mean the gear that was designed to get your boosted toon, which comes with the expac, right into the new expac wasn't sufficient to get right into the new expac?

    Yeah, that's totally the player's fault. :rolleyes:
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  11. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    It totally is! ;)

    Regardless of gear or play style, or anything, this has been confirmed as a bug with overland mobs having resolve when they are not intended to have. Discussing why the un-intended feature is ok is pointless when its going to be fixed.

    /end thread?
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  12. Raff Well-Known Member

    Get real...it was meant to give a new player or returning player a max level toon that they could work on gearing up instead of leveling up AND gearing up. But its a basic class...spells are what, expert only? (not sure, haven't unpacked mine), basic gear & trinkets.

    It would be a real slap in the face for those that worked on their toons to get ready for the expac for boosted toons to have more than just the basics.
  13. Bastiaan New Member

    In reply to Raz's comment. Im a mystic with 2443% Potency and it's taking around 4 minutes to kill trash mobs at this point. I'm in what I would consider to be average gear, mostly legendary with 4-6 fabled pieces from the ToT zones. I know that with new expansion you have a steep curve but at least you can gain new upgraded gear quickly that gets you started in the new xpac. However, this one seems extremely slow with having to go back and do Sig lines in the 70-80 level zones which I can't seem to understand the meaning of, but regardless the new gear is sparse, the quest lines are mindnumbingly slow and the gear doesn't really get me up to speed at what I would consider my prefereable rate of progression. Just my $0.02 ;)
  14. Razadazar New Member

    All I am saying is that I have seen some of the gear u guys are wearing and it is laughable . U don't want to gear up, buy any gear off broker or put in any effort. U just want the mobs nerfed down to your "solo" level.
  15. Bastiaan New Member

  16. Razadazar New Member

    Bastiaan, a mystic with 2k pot is doing garbage dps. Not an insult, but you are built to be a group healer ....not a dps machine . So ya...u are going to slog through these mobs. I am not an elite raider, just mostly solo and do pickup heroic groups when I can. But none of my toons have under 6k potency. Honestly u would struggle with past content as well. (Solo Nizara and Scourge Keep). I
  17. Bastiaan New Member

    I have solo'd both many times and with my merc I can burn through them both with ease. I'm definately not a dps machine but I can clear Scourge keep in 30 min's tops. I'm not normally fast but like I said, we are talking about trash mobs that should take 10 seeconds to kill.
  18. Razadazar New Member

    You are wearing mostly entry level ToT handcrafted and none of the upgraded gear that came this spring and summer from the fableds and Nizara. That newer gear would have boosted you to at least 5k potency. U would do pretty well in ToT, but u are under geared for KA. So You have something to work towards...that's all.
  19. ShaggyBodom Well-Known Member

    Your gear is definitely fine, once the issue gets fixed tomorrow you will get back to normal with the slaughtering of mobs.
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  20. Tsurupettan Active Member

    Adept spells. And some of the gear is worse than the ToT sig and crafted gear.