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  1. Rolar Noctis New Member

    So, as title says, thinking about coming back to the game. This would be as a brand new char. I have played in the past, but TBH, I did not remember my username/pass and created this, its been that long. So, questions incoming.

    Class wise, I really like pet classes, used to be the necro from hell in EQ1 and loved it, but grps were hard to get, did not like that. Looked that the illusionist class a bit and it looks like a lot of fun, debating trying that. I really don't like melee classes. Kinda ambivalent about a healing class.

    Race/good/evil does it matter really ?

    Server, well I am in the Midwest, play time would generally be in the evenings. Looking for a decently populated server.

    Where/how to start, so since its been that long since I have played, as I mentioned I am debating starting brand spanking shiny new...looking for any and all advice.

    Grouping, is it mostly a solo based game till max/end game ? or do people still group up low level stuff ?

    Ya I know, lots questions, sorry about that. Probably have more questions I don't even know I need to ask. Oh ya, sub vs non sub. That also, Thinking about buying the 39$ expansion out now that would give me all the other expansions, right ?

  2. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Okay, cant answer most of them as I play on AB (RP server) and I don't group with strangers. However, I recommend the necro (decent soloing class and yet also good for groups) from what ive seen with my guild leader as his main. Play F2P until you find out if you do want to stay and then go Allacceess. This means a few servers are not available to you as well as some abilities in game, but it will give you a good feel for the game. Buy the expansion once you are lvl 100 whether or you are Allaccess. This is my opinion but I hope it helps.

    Note: AB is a quiet server overall compared to the others so unless you are really big on roleplaying, go to a different server.
  3. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Play on the Maj'Dul server. Yes, the expansion would give you all previous expansions. You can get somebody to power level you to 100 in 60-90 minutes so you can quest up to level 110 (if you're just looking to hit max level quick). Know that you'll never be able to catch up to the top end players without shelling out loads of money for sathirian coins from the summer ethereal event, ascension upgrades, and the premium edition to get the best familiar, etc. The game isn't worth playing unless you sub imo. The $15 is well worth it for the amount of entertainment you get though.
  4. Soara2 Active Member

    Evil or good doesn't matter
    Skyfire or Halls of Fate
    Expansion gets you a free level 100 and makes you up to date.
    Mostly solo at low levels unless you are in an active guild.
    A good active one is dens of dragons on Halls of fate.
    Majdul seemed too advanced for my tastes. Long time to catch up.
    If you want epic and are evil aligned start with Freeport city quests. Otherwise the new expansion questline. My skyfire guild is just me and one other but there are a lot of more active guilds on that server.
    If you are leveling from one, slowly, you can do previous mentioned city quests. They scale to your level.
  5. Fairin Active Member

    if i was a returning player but had all my knowledge i have now and the current state of the game as dec 31th

    roll a troub and do its epic 2.0 to get the token to skip the factions which take longer for the fighter / mage ones than the entire scout one combined.

    then roll an fighter (probably sk / pal) to play as a main. no ones gonna care how low your dps is because they'll be so happy you picked a fighter and they can do stuff in heroics =)

    see you in 3 months when you get all that done.

    also AB is way less toxic than other servers come here...

    no one groups for low level content its all about waiting for a tank 5/6 at lv 110 now =)

    so steps to do : 1, buy expansion, for both of your accounts. and sub them.
    2. use the lv 100 tokens on a pair of ratonga troubs enter PoM and get a free set of gear, (bonus copy my spec)
    3. now step into stonebrunt and get the panda quest near the wizzie spire, do all 9 of those quests to get the white adorns / some bonus adorns and a free familiar.
    4. go to the shard of love agnostic on everfrost docks. or alt Z for the dungeon finder thing, you may need to hire a healer merc just to zone in. its not nessary inside - get your heart bound statue. place it in your guild hall (alternatively join a guild and use theirs) heart bound is a 30 fervor buff as long as your 2 accounts are subscribed and online that lasts for 30 minutes so refreshing with a boxed toon is what the elite do =)
    5. now i suggest working on both characters (since they're both troubs) epic 1.0 and factions for the 2.0 you have the gear from PoM to solo the entire thing following the wiki and doing the siglines required will take a while but its worth it overall.
    6. troubs power level the fastest in agnostics specifically CoA and since you have 2 of them you can PL yourself anytime for as long as you want on any character on either account.
    7. if you did the epic 2.0 on any character you get a token to skip the factions - the mage faction takes longer than any of the other entire quests combined (over 500 quests!) so skiping is ideal.
    8. reroll the class you want to play. be sure to pick ratonga. have the other accounts troub PL it in agnostics, have epic'd up troub hb with new account and use it to blow up the fighter epic or whatever to make it more tolerable.
    9. reroll other troub to a fury, repeat what you did with the fighter, now you got PL bots. a tank and afk healer now go deuo heroics for 29resolve gear everyone expects you to have before you start tanking pugs. =)
  6. Rolar Noctis New Member

    So, I read your post, then re-read it. So, without a second account (I really don't like to dual box) are you saying.....well not sure what your saying, I am not against rolling a SK. Not sure how much of your post was serious and how much was sarcastic.

    I guess trying to boil it down, correct me if I am wrong, but unless I dual box something to PL me through all the levels, forget about it ?
  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    No, that's ridiculous. If you focus and concentrate on one character, you can level up very quickly.

    If you choose to buy the new expansion, you get a free lvl 100 boost right off the bat (though you might want to run around on some lower level characters first to get a feel for the game again).

    I think you also get mercenaries with the expansion I'd already had the mercenary feature from before, so you can have a pocket healer without haivng to two box.

    Class, I can't help you much there. I always go with the 'play what you enjoy" because if you aren't enjoying it, why play?
    If you like necros, go for it.

    I recommend Halls of Fate as the server, but I'm biased there.

    Regular dungeons don't see a lot of non-guild groups at lower levels but there are agnostic dungeons. In those players from like level 20 to 95 can group together and get level appropriate loots. From 96-100 there are agnostics as well (I don't know about 101-110, but that's current content so you should be able to get groups there). I don't know about other servers, but I know there are groups pretty regularly forming on HoF.

    There are a lot of things you will likely want to catch up on, but it's not as bad as trying to jump back into EQ1 after a long hiatus on a regular server (imo).

    In any case, welcome back and I hope you have fun.
  8. Fairin Active Member

    read the first line , dead serious. constantly asking others to PL you will get on everyones nerves when you could technically do it yourself AND you get heartbound 100% of the time for 30 fervor, its complete win.

    i could say make one a provie make one an alchie and make all your stuff you'll be nearly self sufficent at that point, but my level of hatred for tradeskilling is similiar to the current death touch mechanics in my other thread.

    oh wait you have to tradeskill to 100 to get the epic 2.0 done... sigh
  9. Flightrisk Member

    hello Rolar Noctis, as you can see from the above asking the player base can get you some fairly conflicting answers , Fairin does not speak for all of us by any means.
    first I'd like to welcome you back to EQ2,
    a lot has changed... you can now make a trial level 95 toon and drive it around for a bit see if you like it , unless you like to spend lots of cash on games don't fall in love that specific toon or with what you get or win on that toon ,just get a feel for what you like, then delete it and remake it as a level 1.
    you will get an item that will boost you to level 100 instantly if you buy the currant expansion .. I suggest you hold off on using it right away, why? because you are returning and unfamiliar with any of the play at this point, leveling from one to 50 or better is silly easy and will give you a real grasp of play style for the race and class you choose , once you feel you have a handle on the spells , arts, and abilities for what you've chosen you can boost from that point .
    as to what race and class you choose , I recommend you make .. YOU ...happy . player base is fickle as heck when it comes to classes ,opinion changes with every patch sometimes , so its important that you pick the character you want to look at while it levels and you relearn how to play.
    spell upgrades, once again I suggest you use player made experts or dropped masters from in game as opposed to dumping large chunks of cash on upgrades. you can always spend it .. but can you get it back?.
    maj'dul is my home server and I like it, I also live in the Midwest , keep in mind all the servers move to the work day rhythm's , with the majority of folks working the nine to five shifts and then those that work swings and nights , so the player population fluctuates to those time frames .
    good or evil , that may depend on the race or class you fall in love with , good or evil at this point in the game is mostly location and art work , though once you pick you should keep track ..going out the front door of your guildhall to find you are in Qenos (good) on a level 10 evil beastlord , is an entertaining moment and a busy one LOL.

    once again welcome home

    if you do choose Maj'dul as your home server, feel free to /who all Shining Host that's mostly me or hubby we will answer questions , no problems
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  10. Rolar Noctis New Member

    Well, thanks for all the reply's, I do appreciate it. I am probably going to be rolling either a SK or Pally, I have not determined yet which. As to server, still thinking that one over also, Maj Dule seems like a logical choice for me because...time zones etc, FlightRisk (love the name) I like your idea of "test-driving" one for a few to see how it goes.
  11. Soara2 Active Member

    Sks do more damage and have more area hits but a pally can heal. I have 2 each. Most people are assuming you want to race to the top and start raiding but you don't have to.
  12. Anhari Active Member

    If you remember the email account (and have access to it) you can ask DB to send you your use names associated with that account, then do a password reset in order to gain access to the account if you want to use the toons there.

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