Returning player LF guild on Crushbone!

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Akrylix, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Akrylix New Member

    As the title states I am a returning player (haven't played in years) and don't remember much about the game. What I am looking for is a group of people preferably who are leveling but mostly importantly are willing to help answer some questions as they arise.

    I started up a monk but was unaware that they are tanks end game so I will be rolling a BL tonight. I have massive experience in end game raiding across many MMOs (including raiding leading a top 50 US guild on WoW) and will be looking to do the same here when I get there.

    I am also open to rolling other classes if needed to fit guild needs. I will be checking this post throughout the day today and will respond here or in game later tonight. Thanks!
  2. Rebekha New Member

    I also returned about a month and a half ago. I hadn't played in years, but joined Sleep Disorder and now I am a 95 and doing raiding. If you are interested contact me (Rebekha) in game, or send a Sleep Disorder member a /tell for an invite!