Returning player...I see some familiar names! =)

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  1. Kattt Member

    Hi everyone!

    I don't know if anyone here will remember me. Not like I was ever a "famous" player. But I did make a few friends while I was here, and enjoyed the community most of all. Of all those, I enjoyed the housing community even more! I was Kat or Katttara, or Kattara on the freeport server. Though I realize AB was the bigger housing server way back when. I also had won one meager HOF house called Santa Glugs candy castle. =)
    I have not played since around 2014-2015.

    I see a few names I recognize from forums, like Cyliena (loved that site,) Uwkete, Sigrdrifa, and perhaps a couple others. When I saw my server merged with others, it felt like coming back home, to see the ole HOFamer houses like the druff houses on the new merged server. I felt overwhelmed in nostalgia for the good ole days. I have tried a few other MMOs and even ones with better graphics. But none ever left me missing a community like EQ2. I would hear a certain tune in GW2 and reminisce about Kelethin, and the zone music I loved and missed. I would see a certain tree in ESO and miss housing in EQ2. I miss the comradery, the silliness in the homes, the jokes, the friends I had, the raids where we wiped and laughed, and tried until we succeeded. I missed even the pulling out of my hair trying to get edits to work, and breakouts to do what I dreamed of. Gosh, I missed so much!

    However, when I saw the server populations, and the fact that the ole HOF homes from my day had thousands of likes, and now the recent releases only had dozens, I got sad. I wondered if the good days were gone and that "you can't go back home." It appears all my old friend have not logged in for like 3-4, and even 5 years. I asked in a guild I joined recently if any one was into housing and not having luck finding people.
    Then lo and behold I see the good ole norrathian homeshow! It felt like coming home for Christmas! =)

    So, now that I have dug up my old account, I realize that I feel like I forgot near everything! Or maybe it is just old age setting in! lol I have macros about housing on toolbars that I don't even recall what they do. hahah
    I went into my old guildhall to find that the upper area I made looked either gone or glitchy too.

    So, I set about making a new account, just to relearn and go through tuts again. Oh, how I forgot how much I loathed the TS leveling up grind! lol As I learn more, I will try to find the courage to go back to my vet account and reacquaint myself! I logged in and saw those 10 toolbars scattered about and went AAAHHHH and logged back out in fright. Did I forget that much in 5 years? lol The 1 toolbar of a new toon seemed so much less intimidating for now. heh

    So, how are all of you? Whats new? Is there any server that is more popular for housing? I have been merged to skyfire. If you were merged there without choice and another one has more housing people, do they allow you the free move? Are there any combo grouping and housing guilds still out there?
    Have they added any new tools or features to housing? I was in ESO and SO wishing EQ2 devs would implement the housing tools that ESO has put into their housing. Because their furniture, even on better graphics cannot compare to EQ2 house items! I mean what can beat gingerbread house items right? =)
    Is it looking like EQ2 is going to make it past the new gaming company transfer?
    I am on f2p right now, and deciding if I want to come back full membership again. This pandemic year has been real rough, and sending me back to gaming more, which is both sad and happy at the same time, if that makes sense.

    I would love to find a guild where there are people who are very into housing, but yet still group and stuff. I was once in raiding guild too. Gosh those were fun days.
    I wish I knew how to contact old friends from here, or that someone out there remembers me (fondly I hope.) =P =)

    I am so overjoyed to see Frostfell is still around. NO one, no gaming company, has ever done holidays as good as norrath and EQ2 does! Winter wonderland fun! Gosh I have missed so much!

    Hope to chat with some of you and get to know others I did not get to before.
    Hope to see some of your lovely works too!
    Hoping you are all staying safe, warm, and having some smiles in your life, =)
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  2. Jems Member

    Hey Kat,

    Welcome back! I too am a returning player and very excited you are on the skyfire server. I totally get the pandemic year opening the door for a return to gaming, I found myself in the same boat, especially with doing uni from home these days :/

    I can't answer most of your transfer questions, because I do have a token and I've heard to do get one free transfer, bit I also heard that none of your houses follow you in the case of a transfer, so I have never been tempted. I find skyfire to be a very happy and helpful server, although I do sometimes wish I could enjoy the role play aspect of AB.

    Lots of new stuff, tons of new recipes and crafter-carpentry grind recipes books (ugh) but hard to recall what was put in before 2015 and what was after.

    There aren't really any active crafting guilds that are of the larger variety (trust me on this, it was my first Q when i came back too) - lots of personal guilds for that, Stellacious's guild is about the best designed place you'll ever see, and very welcoming, but I might honestly suggest An Enigma' (I am not a leader, I just joined a few months back and am very happy there :) ) we have a great amount of active players who are happy to group up if needed and a few like me and Xeno who are very into decorating.

    Add me "Jems" to your friends list and I'll set you up, if you would like.

    Writing on my phone so I hope I haven't missed too many of your other Q's, but welcome back! There is lots to see and do, and it's always lovely to see more Decorators :)
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  3. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Welcome back! I have had breaks from the game in the past and the first time I had to make a brand new character to relearn the game. I cannot even imagine what it would be like coming back today. So many more expansions and changes to way things work now. I have a horrible memory so forgive me if the game had this back when you played last...

    Can now own 30 houses per character

    Can have 20 dungeons per character (I think it is open to everyone but I could be wrong)

    Top two websites I use all the time are and

    If you want any information, be sure to check out "The Decorator's Resource (Guides and Links)" stickied thread. It will show current decorating events, past event video tours, holiday and expansion info, and all sorts of other goodies. There are a couple sticky threads so order changes from time to time. The Decorator's Resource one might not always show there are updates since I edit the top two posts over and over so it is at top of thread which makes it easier to find the info. There is a link to Video Tour Spreadsheet where you can search videos of some of the houses you remember that were on Freeport. There is also a link to my thread called "Helpful Tips" which covers things like putting a wardrobe item on a mannequin or house actor, or how to set both models appearance for character on a house actor, how to copy player made book, etc.

    House Item Count Changes

    If you want to increase your house item count you can use the crafted "Dimensional Pocket Expander" and a "Personal House Item Limit Expander (200) from Marketplace. You can use in either order. However, you cannot use crafted expander with the Personal House Item Limit Expander (100) since they are both for 100. Most prestige housing has a default item size of 900 items. There are about three prestige houses that have more than 900. City housing has different counts based on size of house but I think the lowest is 300 item count.

    There are four buckets of item counts now...
    • regular house items
    • building blocks (examine item to see if notes it is building block)
    • moving crate items
    • certain books like player made books
    Regular and building blocks allow same number so if house has 300 item count you can have 300 placed regular items, 300 placed building blocks. The books count is hard one. 1000 books are allowed however, not every book goes into this bucket. This count is not displayed anywhere. You have to look at item count, Place book, Look at item count again (reopen housing window to refresh) to see if it counted to know for sure. Books that are in moving crate that count as special books share the count with placed ones. This is only for books. If house item count is 300 you could have 300 placed regular items, 300 placed building blocks, 300 regular items in moving crate, 300 building blocks in moving crate and 1000 books in moving crate (or any combination of place and crated up to 1000).

    Hopefully I didn't overload you with all this info. Again welcome back! Hugs!

    Oaky :D
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  4. Lera Well-Known Member

    You can tell if it counts or not by examining the book. If the item window says Book, it doesn't count. If it says House Item, it does.
  5. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Awesome Lera! Learn something new every day :cool:
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  6. Lera Well-Known Member

    Also, when you read Book books, they have the new layout where it looks like book pages. House Item books have the little window with the blue background.

    If you're looking at them on EQ2Furniture, for Books, the icon at the bottom (which you can click on to read the book) is an open book. House Items have a blue closed book icon.
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  7. Stellacious Member


    Welcome Back and so wonderful that Skyfire is your home! Also please add me to your friends list. Looking forward to getting to know you in game.

    Best of wishes,
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