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  1. Twilightfox New Member

    Rolled an erudite defiler...leveling from 1 so far is fine, but wondering what milestones I should focus on as I go. Which deity, etc. and what levels to tackle these milestones at. Any signature quests or heritage quests that are MUST haves? Sorta new, at least for any content past DoF, that's when I really played hardcore last. Just looking for a sense of what to focus on besides leveling, because I tried a boosted toon and got my butt handed to me and I think starting from scratch might be the better route to go.
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  2. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    There's nothing that you absolutely MUST do. I recommend learning all the languages you can, and getting good faction with every group you can (this is not always possible), because eventually you are gonna have to go back and talk to that group of beings, buy stuff from them, etc. I personally do all the heritage and signature quests I can with a new toon, but remember that these are heroic for the most part, and while I do them for nostalgia, you probably don't need a lot of these quests for anything (until you do, at which point you can mentor down and run them).

    I definitely recommend playing a class from level 1 to around level 30, which lets you learn the class and its spells gradually. If you then want to boost that toon, go for it. The step into Chaos Descending heroic groups is kinda steep, and you will not be able to go to the Expert Heroics or Fabled Kael Drakkel without some work on your toon. You should be able to do regular solos, the Chaos Descending signature quest line, Public Quests, and then try to put together groups for regular heroic T1s and T2s.

    There's a fairly decent discussion of how to get your gear in shape for CD content at A Guide to Chaos Descending.

    In some places, this guide will tell you to get all Mastercrafted gear (good idea for starters), then experiment it 5 times into ABMod, then reforge the ABMod to Potency. This was a bug and no longer works.

    Run solos to get coins (Tremissis) and to get Celestial orange adorns that drop in these zones. Illegible Spell Scrolls for Adept-level Ascension spells also drop in solos (and can be had on the broker, scholars can craft your upgraded Ascensions). Do the Panda quests to access some nice white adorns and cyan adorns.

    The metric that tells you what zones you can do is Resolve:
    • Solo encounters have no resolve requirements
    • Heroic Tier 1: 1050
    • Heroic Tier 2: 1260
    • Raid Tier 1: 1310
    • Raid Tier 2: 1610
    • Expert Heroic T1: 1620
    • Raid Tier 1 Mythic: 1725
    • Raid Tier 3: 1790
    • Expert Heroic T2: 1910
    Once you get enough Resolve, you will find that you are low on Fervor, Potency, and Crit Bonus. The Guide to Chaos Descending has posts that discuss improving these stats in various ways, what runes to get, how and why to infuse, etc.
  3. Twilightfox New Member

    thank you for that, even though reading it now, a lot of it makes no sense as I have non context for most of it yet, but i'm sure once I get to that level range it will become clearer.
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  4. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    Everything Sigrdrifa said after the sentence "If you then want to boost that toon, go for it." relates solely to end level (110). You don't need to think about it until you get to that level, so if you play from level 1 it will be a little while until you need it. Levelling from 1 doesn't take long, it goes pretty quickly, so my recommendation (from my own experience) is not to boost a character, but spend the time levelling the old-fashioned way to really learn and get to know your character.

    Of course, if you just want to get to the end as quickly as possible, then boost the character.
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  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    Your "Boosted" character is in no way ready to jump right in CD content. The only thing it attained was level 110. The Myrist Chest gear is junk. Except for the adorns, which you'll want to strip off. You'll need to acquire (by time or krono) at least MC gear / trinkets. Fabled gear is better...then infuse, infuse, infuse...gack!

    That said, it is pretty close to the new xpac. I recommend you find a guild who can answer your questions and help you figure out where you want to be come the new xpac. Solo grinding or as ready as you can be to move into the end game.

    While some will have better end game gear at that time, all of us will basically in the same boat as we re-gear to go to lvl 120. Times like that is when you need the support of friends / guildies so everyone advances at mostly the same time.
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  6. Twilightfox New Member

    Found a nice guild on Halls of Fate, less raiding only and more have fun and chat guild that I prefer. Thank you all for the advice. I guess I was looking for more of a tourists guide to EQ2, like go here as u level or do this quest here, etc. Someone mentioned Epic 2.0, not sure what that even is really beyond a weapon I think I will need, but that's a start. Any other "attractions" to go after as I level? Trying to make this about the world and not so much the endgame grind, as this is what is missing from a lot of other MMOs and also why I cannot wait for Pantheon. So, this game has a TON of world to play in, hence why I'm here and enjoying it so far.
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  7. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I would look up the lore of the character race you chose and then move through the zones and quest lines and time lines that would pertain to that race. I would however do all of the signature lines, heritages quests, hallmark quests, learn all the languages, learn a tradeskill and do all the tradeskill signature lines.
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  8. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Here is my tourist guide as of this month

    1. Do the races during the city fest at the beginning 7 days of the month 5 times to get a mount (hover craft looking thing) you don't have to win, just do 5 times. Use space bar to fly

    2. Get the dinosaur looking leaper mount at level 30 from butcher block mountains at highland Outpost. He jumps so high and has safe fall

    3. Participate in the events. There is NOTD coming soon and Frostfell after.

    4. Start a craft. Do the tutorial quests

    5. Visit Qho in isle of Mara and get his quests.

    6. Beg, borrow or steal some bigger bags

    7. Find the Agnostics zone in Freeport or Qeynos at or after level 10 and use Crypt of Agony to get gear every 10 levels as needed

    8. Do the familiar quest in Freeport or Qeynos every few days or so that you play.

    9. Google quests, wiki is your friend, just type Eq2 before the name of the quest

    10. Get maps

    11. If you are subbed, do the summer quests on that boosted character of yours. The rewards atm are must haves for returnees or newbies or alt armies lol. One character flags the whole account and it is literally nothing but flying around to certain spots in each zone. Each year has 9 quests. There are 2 years plus part of this year. Quests are handed out from the panda at sundered frontier wizard spires

    Omg auto correct is kicking my butt atm
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    don't forget Raffik hes a little Rattonga who will boost your crafting too and give you somewhat crazy recipes .
    get a mercenary if your account is flagged for that,
    the Panda quests for the last 2 years can easily be done by any level beginning around level 16 and are located
    in Sundered Frontier but you won't get any gear till level 90 I think but you can already do the quests .
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  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You forgot the Prestige Houses at the end of Days of Summer 2017 and Days of Summer 2018 and the 9 deco packs for 2017 and 2018 respectively. I am still hoping and praying to all the Deities of Norrath that they surprise us and add a Prestige House for Days of Summer 2019!!!

    Oh and the fact that everything that you can buy from Pas Yu after completing Yun Zi's quests costs 0 copper!!!!!
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