Returning Player Doomed to Fail

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    Novusod wrote:
    This is a misconception.
    I had issues getting lower level groups long before mercs. YMMV on server.
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    Move your AA slider to 100% (stock up on AA points) for a while and do all the solo quests you can find in all the starter areas..Antonica, Greater Faydark, New Halas area, Commonlands, and the low level zones around Freeport/Qeynos (depending on your faction). Get all mastercrafted gear and expert tier spells (made by Sage/Alchemist/Jeweler depending on your class). Once you are in that rhythm spec your AA tree to enhance your "big shot nuke" abilities and enjoy the carnage with/without a mercenary in low level dungeon content. I have had a blast with my low level toons doing that and I never need a group. I love working the old brings my memories back to me everytime about how the game used to be when it started. I never neglect the old content. Its what made the game to begin with.
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    I came back a couple of months ago and was grouping with my wife, we basically duoed our way to 80 pretty much following the golden path (though I didn't know it was called that at the time). I am a coercer and she is a necro and while we could handle almost anything outdoors, and we leveled pretty quickly, we couldn't handle any heroic dungeons at all, maybe the first couple of group encounters, but it definitely wasn't worth it and after a few deaths we just shook our heads and headed back outside. I was pretty disappointed because since the beginning of EQ1, dungeons have been my favorite thing about mmos, I figured we'd just have to wait till we were level capped to find consistent grouping with other players.
    A month or so ago, when DoV and AoD went on sale for half price, I purchased both for our accounts. Not sure why I waited, but finally at level 80, I got around to looking into purchasing a mercenary. I can tell you, the game play was like night and day with and without a merc. The mercenaries are extremely powerful companions and completely change the game. After seeing a merc in action, previous to mercenaries, I felt like I was molasses...slowly cutting my way through mobs, with root and nuke/dots (and pets). Suddenly, I could barely get a spell off before the mob was dead. I hired the SK from Freeport and my wife got the Cleric. I'm amazed at how well they work together, the cleric healing and curing and even fighting and its almost impossible to taunt off the SK. Golden path mobs might as well be speed bumps and take the challenge completely out of leveling outside (drawback).
    So we decided to give heroic dungeons another chance and they aren't too bad (though sometimes still challenging). We usually can't take, or at least have issues with the toughest named at the end of some of the dungeons, but can pretty much take everything else including most of the named along the way.
    Its really been a blast and the one thing I don't miss are those groups where you had a tank in bad gear or didn't know how to play, or the lazy afk healer who kept getting the party killed. If you are low level or having issues finding groups, I would definitely recommend purchasing the expansion that gives you mercs.

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