Returning Player - A Few Questions

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    Ok, good to know.... Also what is battalion buff? lol
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  2. Sucuri Active Member

    Talked a friend into playing with me. He is a Paladin, I am a Mystic, what mercs should we level with? Mind you he only has up to AoM, and I only have BoL.
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  3. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    He can grab a basic utility or dps. You can grab the sk from /claim or neriak, is just the way I would go with the duo. Like a monk, whatever they are calling them these days, or wizard and sk. The pally can heal but spells take a bit for all spells to refresh. Make sure he puts AA in spell reuse AA. The better mercs I can think of require going to places you can not or membership for the summer or broker tokens, maybe someone else would know. There are a few if you find running around that you can also hire in the older zones. There should be a wiki on mercs.
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    Maybe Zhugrus inquisitor. Idk, I honestly don't use mercs much. And I don't remember if we even had them for AOM. So not sure if he could get one tbh. If he can't, hopefully he can afford the feature on the marketplace. Although the cheapest expansion for 35. is a far better deal. The battalion buff is something you pay rl money to unlock when the mercenary gets to max level. You need the expansion for it if you only have AOM. Basically it's a buff.
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    Ok, thanks :)
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