Returning Paladin looking for suggestions on how to improve.

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Nortoz, May 15, 2020.

  1. Nortoz New Member

    Afternoon everyone.

    I recently was underwhelmed with the damage I was doing in heroics and my respective loss of argo. I looked over a previous thread that gave some baseline numbers on dps, MA , etc. A couple things I found that when I reforged I had a large overcap on both haste and reuse ability and a less than acceptable crit bonus number.

    Eventually I would like to attempt some raiding but I feel my current setup isn't very efficent.

    Here is a link to my current gear and aa's:

    I'm currently working on building both dps and tank gear and understand I'm short of a number of red runes. However, I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to get myself raid ready.

  2. Benj Active Member

    Most of your stats look really good. Your gear is solid for heroics, and you have enough resolve for T1 raids. The first improvement I noticed is your cyan adorns. There's an upgraded version of that set that you can get for free. Just go back to the panda in Sundered Frontier and make sure you've finished all of his quests. That will also gives you 4 white runes that combined give a good chunk of potency.

    For hate mod, you want to sit at 100% in combat. Keep in mind that some classes have buffs that will increase your hate mod, so you can be a bit below 100% solo. Personally, I reforged exactly one piece of gear into hate mod. With group buffs (or snacks if there's no buffs) I can cap out in combat. This will also free up more white slots that can be used for crit bonus or potency. Plus, many two-handed white runes can fit in a crossbow or longbow.

    You may also want to look into Powerlinks or Painlinks. Cheap versions can be made with common materials. Better versions are made with rares and require limited-use recipes from the status merchant. You should also be using temp adorns, which are made with common materials.

    You've got quite a few pieces of gear where you reforged out of crit bonus. I would use CB only as a last resort when reforging, and only if you're overcapped. You probably shouldn't be reforging out of DPS either.

    Another option to boost potency and crit bonus is mount gear. Potency bardings can be made with (refined) rare harvests. Crit bonus mount gear is rarer, and will probably come from quests and achievements.


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