Returning Paladin after 3 Years

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Kienah, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Kienah New Member

    HI, have returned and i was initially overwhelmed with all the changes.
    The ting i need to know is Potency. Im currently on 36K and it seems like forever to kill anything for Myrist Library quests.
    I took all the free gear, from the chest at librarian, but have also replaced a few items with better potency from some of the easy collect quests.
    question is, how do i increase my potency even more?
    i also did change all my AA's which increased from 24k to 36k

    Lvl 110 Paladin Majdul Server
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  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    Click EQ2 button and equipment infusion. Drag an item and infuse it with plat as much as you can.
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  3. Dilon Active Member

    It's usually easier to troubleshoot problems if you can link your character profile, so you'll probably get a better response if you do that.

    One thing I can suggets offhand is to do the Panda Quests. This will (among many other things) set your deity potency to 85 which would likely be a huge boost from where you are now.
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  4. Schortt Member

    36k Potency, is horrible for this expac and the last for that matter. Honestly if you are using MC gear you should be around the 58k area to start. Things wont start to get easier until you hit 65k. In fact most groups wont even take you to do t1 heroics till you get past 60 and more likely 65 k Heck to do a good jobe you'll need to get to 70-80k. To get your potency up, look at AA spec, which will help a little, but mostly its a matter of infusing.and gear. 2 types of infusing, One are infusers that drop from zones or better yet the ones you can make by salvaging every piece of trash gear you find. The second is Diety infusing, which cost plat, and is really just a money grab from DB IMO. But to get good you almost cant live without it. Infusing one piece of gear that way is between 35-40K plat. so to do all your gear it will cost around 300-400k plat. Yea, did I mention moneyt grab since mobs still just drop single digit plat when you defeated them.

    Not everything is Potency mind you, Crit Bonus is super important also getting that to 4500 is the goal. youy can do it with less, but yea, so infusing for that also is needed, only jewelry can be CB infused. There are also a tinkered item you can put on your gear to increase pot or CB or Health for that matter, Maintaned Machined Injector is the CB one.

    Then there is the adornments. Those can help alot for health and CB or potency.

    Anyways thats just a little to chew on.
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  5. Soara2 Well-Known Member

  6. Memuvil New Member

    Also, search broker for "Maintained Tinkered Insight" it's a temp buff that you can put on a bunch of slots and it adds 25 potency per.
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  7. Raff Well-Known Member

    If you like to harvest?

    Another way to upgrade stamina, crit bonus & potency is to salvage 110 gear & MC items. Harvest the rares, then craft MC items (that take 2 rares). Salvage them. Then craft potency, crit bonus & stamina infusers. (or have a guildie craft them for you if you lack the recipe. It takes 5 of the salvage items to make one infuser of your choice.

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