Returning Monk - omg what happened to tanking?

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by randomplayer, Apr 5, 2020.

  1. randomplayer Member

    OK so I got to 120 (not by pushing the button but I got to 100 somehow and then did PoP sig line to 110 and then went to Luclin.)

    I have done fairly well solo. At 3535 resolve (whatever that is) and 134K potency. So these are the min requirements for groups. I have collected most of the reds and I have decent white adorns.

    Sometimes in a PQ I will be immediately flattened. I don't know why. Sometimes I die maybe 10 or 12 times to the Zethon lady. I do have ACT and supposedly I have the Bulwark trigger but it never goes off during these PQs for me so I dont know what is killing me.

    Couple days ago I tanked it and it was no problem. We killed the thing in record time. Other times it is a cluster.

    What have I missed? I have a couple abilities that I have never used before so this might be the key. But how? When?

    I don't want to do heroics until I figure this out.

    Any advice would be welcome.
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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    There are no Bulwarks in PQs. As for Zenthon you have to click a golum corpse to get a buff that prevents you from being one-shot however the script is buggy and doesn't always work. The best advice is to just stay out of PQs and do something else.
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  3. Einhander65 New Member

    I have the same problem as a Paladin. Sometimes i get 1 shoted and killed about 10 times for the pq even after ive picked up the item.Other times i never die. I find if im getting one shoted i just put on Subtle Strikes and generate no agro
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  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    the PQs require an attentive healer that can cure quickly

    the blank runestone you get from the first golem in the isle pq is for changing your damage type. use opposite for each subsequent golem. for the ice, use fire. for the fire, use ice. for the toxic, use moon and for moon use toxic.

    for the last boss, use dazzle and drag her in the water to avoid flying all over the place all the time

    and get cured by your healer
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  5. randomplayer Member

    Thanks for the info. Makes me feel a bit better.
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