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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-DasanW, Oct 17, 2010.

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    I have been gone from EQ for about a year and a half and am returning and looking for some help. First off, I am in a smaller causal raiding guild, so absolute maximization is not required. So, has anything changed in regards to AA's? I used to be pretty much what was layed out here Saltaf's Warlock Guide from Flames (AGI/STA), (Focused/Prop/Aftershock), and pretty much the same in Shadows. I have my mythical and I see some changes to that and I am brushing up on the quest(s). I have pretty much all T1 shard armor and see there is a new line there. Anyone have anything to throw out, please do as it would be useful!
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    welocme back :)
    well its changed a little bit... the general theme of the AA's is the same but being able to have 100 AA's in each tree and the 250AA limit has really opened your choices.. you also have the new endline AA choices that you can take once you reach level 81.... the key to warlock supremecy this expansion is AA.... with 250AA i can run my dps AND my tank spec more or less at the same time... which makes me an unstopable killing machine in most situations.
    Here is my current AA spec... normally puts me top 5 dps in raids even without UT or TC.
    Gear is bit stupid this expansion... the T1-T4 armor is useful but to be honest you would find the solo content easy all the way up to level 90 even if your were wearing treasured...when you hit 90 you get inundated with legendary armor thats pretty good... its all lvl 90 so you dont realistically get to upgrade your gear until 90 and apart from a few faction pieces its worth holding out until lvl 90 anyway... by the time i hit lvl 90 i had about 60 different pieces of legendary armor/jewlery stored in my shared back... its all hierloom.... so cant trade most of it....
    you can (and its worth doing bigtime) upgrade your myth to the enervated version... which an 'OK' fabled weapon and you get a new self buff with your old myth abilities... not really worth worrying about until lvl 85ish..
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    heya my main is a warlock, Fuzzoo who raids. il show you my dps spec to (250aa's)

    and a spell lineup (that you may already have)
    Proc Spell First always:
    1) Netherealm
    2) Gift of bertox... (i cant remember the full name lol)
    3) Curse Of Darkness
    (The proc spells above should be cast about 3-5 seconds before pull or whenever they are up)

    Then your Spells:
    0.5) Vacuum Field (nearly always should cast on pull to maximise your damage)
    0.6) big aoe fights cast acid storm about 1-2 seconds after pull
    1) Apocolypse
    2) Cataclysm
    2.5) Rift (depends on circumstances)
    2) Dark Pyre / Acid
    3) Absolution
    4) Dark Nebula
    5) Distortion
    6) start again starting with procs ( if they are up and then on to spells again)
    with this spec i can oull between 27-50k dps depending on the setup
    and welcome back to :)

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